E! News Reveals The Geisha Facial as a Red Carpet Celebrity Beauty Secret


E! News reveals red carpet celebrity beauty secrets at SHIZUKA new york Day Spa

E! News’ A List Beauty Secrets Red Carpet Edition was televised on February 20th, 2015 showcasing The Geisha Facial® as one of many celebrity beauty secrets.

Host Alicia Quarles samples The Geisha Facial® by spa owner and creator of the facial, Shizuka Bernstein. As touted by Hollywood royalty like Victoria Beckham, the anti-aging properties of the bird droppings used in the facial work to deeply cleanse and exfoliate revealing soft glowing skin.

As Alicia says,

“If it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for me, right?”

Geisha Facial a Red Carpet Beauty Secret, E! Entertainment News


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The Geisha Facial® mentioned in The Times of India

Times of India Logo edited

The Times of India included Shizuka new york Day Spa’s The Geisha Facial® in its list of bizarre facials that deliver ‘diva-approved’ results!

Celebrity fans of the facial are Tom Cruise and Victoria and David Beckham.


Here’s what The Times of India had to say:


Glow with bird poop
If there is something other, that Tom Cruise is known to advocate for after Scientology, it’s the bird poop facial. Not one for the botox and surgeries, rubbing a concoction of nightingale poop, rice bran and water gives his face the shine that he is looking for. The nightingale poop facial, also known as the Geisha facial as it originates from Japan, is known to exfoliate the dirt from the skin and leave it shining and squeaky clean. Guess who introduced him to the ways of the nightingale? Good friend David Beckham. He and his wife, Posh are known to be high on the treatment too.



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Shizuka’s BeautyZen Corner: Geisha Beauty Secrets

U.S. Spa Market Analysis claims The Geisha Facial® is Trending



Have you tried The Geisha Facial® yet?







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Are Bird Poop Facials Dangerous?

A recent article in Australia’s The International Business Times discusses the transmission of possible diseases like the Bird Flu by way of applying bird poop to the face. While The Geisha Facial® uses the Japanese face product, uguisu no fun or Nightingale droppings, our product is sanitized by ultraviolet light before the purified droppings are milled into a fine powder. Most clients say it smells “organic” like cereal or oat bran and is gently soothing when applied to skin.

The owner, Shizuka Bernstein, created The Geisha Facial ® specifically for Shizuka New York Day Spa, using only sterile and safe ingredients. This facial is mild but effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

There are a myriad of harmful bacteria in “raw” bird poop, so we urge you to please be cautious when getting any sort of “bird poop facial” from imitators.



Article from International Business Times>> Bird ‘Poops’ Used in Facial Powder at High-Class Spa? Can it Transmit Infectious Disease such as ‘Bird Flu’?


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Heather Locklear’s strange “beauty regimen”


Can you guess what “beauty product” the 51-year-old actress, Heather Locklear, admittedly applies to her face?

Reportedly, when TMZ reporters asked her about her secret to her ever-flawless skin, she replied with: “You just put semen on your face.

Not sure if she’s joking, but this same article in The Stir mentions our Geisha “bird poop” facial as well!




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SNY on MTV’s Buckwild: “From the Mud to Manhattan”





Airing tonight,  Sunday April 14th, 2013 at 8pm on MTV (before the 2013 Movie Awards Preshow) will be an exclusive feature about Shizuka New York Day Spa and The Geisha Facial® on the reality series “Buckwild“!

This special episode is called, “From the Mud to Manhattan”!


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Chile’s Ya magazine features The Geisha Facial®!

Ya Magazine








Ya magazine features Shizuka new  york’s The Geisha Facial® in their article about Japanese beauty.

img031 img028 img030


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Are Bangs the New Facelift?

Images courtesy of Getty Images and AP

(L-R) Diane Keaton, Michelle Obama, and Helen Mirren. (Getty (2); AP (1))













The First Lady Michelle Obama showed up for inaugural weekend sporting a new flirty hair style with bangs. The Daily Beast reported that Ms. Obama jokingly responded the bangs were a result of a ‘midlife crises’. Scrutinizing beauty experts were left wondering what other beauty-related lengths women will go to during a midlife crises.

But as far as these experts are concerned, bangs just scream beauty:

  • John Barrett, founder of the Bergdorf Goodman salon says, “If done correctly, [sporting bangs or deciding to add color] can shave years off of a woman’s appearance.”


  • Marshall Lin, a stylist at the Frédéric Fekkai Salon in SoHo, agrees, “Bangs can add a youthful, modern edge to a style.”


  • President Obama proclaimed them “the most significant event of [the inaugural] weekend.”




What are your thoughts? Do bangs enhance or hide a women’s beauty?


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2013 Oscar Beauty Buzz!















With The Oscars quickly approaching this Sunday Feb 24, 2013, celebrity beauty trends are all abuzz.


Check out this article from Reuters, “Bird droppings, bull testicles among pre-Oscar beauty treatments“, which mentions Shizuka New York’s The Geisha Facial ®! It also appears on bdnews24.com, an online newspaper from Bangladesh, “Poop facial for Oscar beauty“!


For those who are needle-averse, bird poop could be the answer to brighter skin. Shizuka New York Day Spa in Manhattan offers a Geisha Facial, an hour-long treatment that involves applying nightingale bird droppings in powder form to the skin.

“There are so many drastic options to exfoliating the skin like chemical peels and microdermabrasion,” Bernstein told Reuters. “But if you want a more natural approach, this will give you great results as well. Dead skin is removed, skin tone is brighter and you’re left with a radiant look.”






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SNY Makes Manhattan Magazine’s Best of the City List!

Our eyelash extension treatment is  featured in the January/February issue of Manhattan Magazine’s “Best of the City” list!


Lashes: Shizuka New York

At this spa, silk lashes are delicately and meticulously applied one by one, making eyes look bigger and more feminine; the look even lasts through swimming. You’ll never need to apply mascara again!


Visit our website for FAQs, pricing, and more about our Eyelash Extension treatments >>


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The Huffington Post and Glamour Talk Geisha!

The Huffington Post and Glamour.com caught wind of Anderson Cooper’s segment about The Geisha Facial® on his talk show, Anderson Live!; and here’s what they said:


The foul (no pun intended) puffy eye cream is actually known as The Geisha Facial, a treatment created by celebrity facialist Shizuka Bernstein of New York City’s Shizuka spa…Apparently, Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise are huge fans of this bizarre beauty treatment that costs $180 a session. And if their damn-near-flawless complexions are proof that this stuff works, then we’re down with the bird poo, too.” ~ for The Huffington Post


As someone who has actually tried this treatment (don’t judge, it was Spa Week and my roommate gave it to me!), I can say that, no your face doesn’t end up smelling like poop and yes you walk out with noticeably softer and brighter skin.” ~ Nikki Ogunnaike for Glamour.com


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Anderson Cooper Samples The Geisha Facial®


Shizuka’s The Geisha Facial® was featured New Year’s Day on Anderson Cooper’s talk show: Anderson Live!

This facial was created by Shizuka to not only promote collagen production, but also brighten complexion and offer deep cleansing and moisturizing using only chemical-free ingredients. Nightingale droppings, a natural enzyme, have been used for centuries in Japan for flawless complexions. Please note, our ingredients are completely bacteria-free! You can sample the Geisha Facial by adding a “Geisha Exfoliation” to any Shizuka new york Day Spa facial for an additional $40. Call or email us for more information!




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Are Fillers Right for You?

Facial fillers are a great alternative to surgical facelift procedures, and are a fraction of the cost. Fillers enhance certain areas of the face by smoothing out wrinkles. At our Medical Spa, our doctors administer a hyaluronic acid based filler called Juvederm, with results lasting up to a year, or sometimes longer. Clients can come in at anytime for touch-ups.

Juvederm works to fill in wrinkles, leaving the area smooth and wrinkle-free. It can also be used to plump and push up certain areas of the skin such as lifting the cheeks and filling out lips.

The total procedure is fast and easy, taking no more than 15 minutes.

Contact us for a price estimate.



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Shizuka on Access Hollywood this Friday!


Looking forward to the weekend? So are we!  Shizuka will be on the set of Access Hollywood Live in Rockefeller Plaza on October 26, 2012! She will be performing The Geisha Facial® on co-hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover in front of 10 Rockefeller (where The TODAY Show is filmed!) at 11:45 am. Check it out!


Also, just published in Access Hollywood’s Healthy Hollywood: Wellness Wednesday column: “Hollywood’s Bizarre Beauty Treatments!”, an article featuring Shizuka and The Geisha Facial®! >>





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Ombre, Ombre! – Ombre hair (color fading from dark to light) is still on trend and the look has translated into nail art as well. Celebrities like Rihanna rock the ombre effect (also called Gradation Manicure), and it looks stunning!


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The Spring 2013 Prada show in Milan last week showcased an ode to Japanese culture with a modern take on traditional Japanese kimonos (T-shaped full length robes), obis (sashes) and even tabi socks (ankle high split-toe socks).

In keeping with traditional Japanese style, Prada’s new line was minimalist and delicately embellished with single flower shapes. Traditionally, flowers were used as a family crest and were even emblazoned onto Samurai kimonos.

The color palette resembled a scene of blooming cherry blossoms which surely represents the arrival of Spring in Japan; colors ranged from soft pink, sage, and white to light brown, black and grey.



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Fashion Forward French Manicure

Photo source: Elle.com

Elle.com’s Best in Show for 2012 features these two new trendy takes on the French manicure.

“The new French manicure follows just one rule: no white polish.” Also pair the manicure with a metallic shade to resemble jewelry.


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Shizuka and the Geisha Facial® Featured on Brazil’s “Domingo Espetacular”

A Brazilian cable network featured Shizuka Bernstein on their internationally syndicated show, Domingo Espetacular. The piece, “Conheça o tratamento com cocô de pássaros feito por Tom Cruise para eliminar rugas”, translated from Portuguese reads: “Learn about the bird poop treatment used by Tom Cruise to eliminate wrinkles”.

Shizuka talks about the Geisha Facial® and gives the host, a Tom Cruise look-alike, a mini facial!


Shizuka Bernstein talks about the Geisha Facial® on Brazil’s Domingo Espetacular



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Tom Cruise and The Geisha Facial®

A recent article in the The Huffington Post names Tom Cruise a new fan of our Geisha “bird poop” facial.

Celebrities keep some weird beauty secrets… but one of the oddest tricks we’ve heard of is the Geisha Facial® — which is made from actual bird poop.  Made popular by Victoria Beckham, the bird poop facial now has a new fan — Tom Cruise.”


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All Hail the Queen!

In her new movie Mirror Mirror, based on Brothers Grimm’s “Snow White” fairy tale, actress Julia Roberts plays the all- organic-beauty-regimen-obsessed evil Queen. To keep herself young and “the fairest of them all” the Queen partakes of nature’s finest:  snails, scorpion and bee stings (lip plumper), slimy worm moisturizer, and bird poop facials!


While we’ve never used worms, snails (or any other insects!) as part of a beauty regimen, we do applaud the use of bird poop for softer brighter skin!

SHIZUKA NY is the creator of the ever-popular                Geisha “bird poop” Facial. This facial uses traditional and natural Japanese ingredients, including uguisu no fun (powdered nightingale droppings), to soften, brighten and nourish the facial complexion. Uguisu no fun is perfectly safe as it’s sanitized through exposure to ultraviolet light before being milled to a fine powder.






Wondering what all the royal hype is about? Request a Geisha Facial® appointment now by calling (212) 644-7400

Check out our spa deals here >>




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DIY Face Transforming Lashes!

On a recent episode of The View (3/9/12) Lori Klein, Barbara Walter’s personal make-up artist, highlighted eyelash tips that will “transform your whole face” even without make-up.

In addition to eyelash extensions, Ms. Klein featured products you can apply yourself for fuller thicker lashes (we offer both at our spa!):

– Latisse: “The first FDA approved prescription treatment that grows your eyelashes”. You will need to first obtain a prescription from your doctor then purchase this product from your local pharmacy. Request an appointment with one of our doctors for a Latisse consultation.*

* For a limited time only when you come in to SHIZUKA NY for your Latisse prescription, you will receive a coupon good for $40 off the retail cost of $72 or more. Good until May 31st, 2012 only!



Revitalash Advanced: An over the counter product that promotes eyelash growth (no prescription necessary!). Purchase it for $150 at SHIZUKA NY!

Learn more about Latisse here >>



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