The Mail Online’s Claudia Connell Finds That The Geisha Facial Beats Botox

The anti-aging benefits of The Geisha Facial® have been garnering acclaim from near and far since its inception January 1st, 2008 when Shizuka Bernstein introduced it to the beauty world. Benefits of this controversial treatment include: reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, firmer skin, brighter and more even complexion. And as our most recent reviewer states in The Daily Mail that the Geisha Facial would even “beat botox”:

I notice a definite improvement in my dark circles and the sun damage marks on my forehead. I also have bad scarring on my chest following an unfortunate  incident with hot oil and a chip pan some years ago and the marks there are also significantly reduced.

Two days later, I meet a friend for her birthday lunch and she tells me I look glowing before miming a needle going into my forehead to suggest I’ve had Botox. But I haven’t actually had any for more than a year.

Since I reckon Botox takes around five years off my face and that my friend thinks the nightingale droppings have done the same, that’s a result I am more than pleased with.”

If botox and The Geisha Facial both take 5 years off the face, in a show down, here’s 5 reasons The Geisha Facial would beat Botox:

5 reasons why The Geisha Facial® Beats Botox

1. All-natural Alternative

The Geisha facial involves no needles, just bird poop. The amino acid present in the guanine enzyme works to brighten skin, lightening dark circles and hyperpigmentation. It also tightens skin and is what gives it that signature Geisha Facial *glow* that lasts for days.

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2. Uplifting Benefits of a Facial

Feeling refreshed will make you look it too. Facials aren’t just about cleansing, they also help boost immunity and relieve stress. The Geisha Facial is designed to pamper you and melt away stress. Finding the time to relax may be challenging for most, but it can actually trim years off your face.  Think about the last time you felt refreshed, didn’t you also look it? Our skilled technicians perform this treatment under the highest standards to make you feel like you are on cloud 9.

3. Lower Price tag

The Geisha Facial is priced at $180 per treatment. Every treatment builds upon the other to improve skin elasticity and even out complexion. If you receive a facial once a month, the price tag would still be less than a standard botox injection.

4. Natural Route

The original Geisha Facial incorporates the Shizuka new york Skincare System to cleanse, brighten, and tone the face. These products are made of all natural ingredients sourced directly from Japan such as sake, fermented soybeans, mushrooms, and green tea. They are specially designed to bring you a taste of Japan in a bottle. Escape to Mount Fuji without leaving the city!

5. Celebrity Status

Aside from it being a good conversation piece, sleep better knowing you’ve overcome your fear of strange things and that bizarre beauty has got nothing on you now. And hey you now run with the likes of celebrities like Tom Cruise and Victoria Beckham.

 Cruise is “proud” of himself for taking the natural route. Tom [Cruise] doesn’t go in for Botox or surgery .. the [Geisha Facial] results have been fantastic.” ~ Now Magazine

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Does Botox Help Depression? The Latest Research Findings

Does Botox help depression? The latest research has found that Botox does help depression — but not directly.  Rather Botox reduces the symptoms of depression by paralyzing certain facial muscles.

The idea that facial expressions might affect those areas of the brain responsible for emotion, is not new. It goes back to Charles Darwin, who observed:  “The free expression by outward signs of an emotion intensifies it.”  Research today continues to support this idea.

For example, researchers have discovered that people who were asked to frown during a physically painful situation felt more pain than people who were asked to smile.  These results suggest that we can reduce the experience of pain by changing our expression.

But physical pain runs along different neural pathways then emotional pain.  Can facial expressions affect emotions as well as physical sensations?

Current research suggests they can. University of Groningen psychologist Judith Grob asked subjects to look at disgusting images. Half the subjects were prevented from expressing disgust by holding a pen between their teeth while viewing images. This kept them from frowning. The other half, however, could respond normally.  The subjects who could not frown reported feeling less disgust than those who could — but this came at a cost. While they reported feeling less disgust, they also showed symptoms of emotional repression. That is, they performed worse on a memory test and they tended to view ambiguous situations more negatively.  This suggests that at some level they were experiencing disgust, but that experience failed to reach the level of conscious awareness.

Botox, like holding a pen between one’s teeth, also prevents the activation of one’s frown muscles. But this raises an interesting question:  does Botox alleviate depression or are the negative emotions merely suppressed?

Currently, no one knows.

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile. –  Unknown

This latest study found that Botox helped those diagnosed with a major depressive disorder, but does this mean you should get Botox if you’re this depressed? Absolutely not.

First, having major depression is one of the highest risk factors for suicide. If you’re experiencing a major depressive episode, you need to seek out expert medical help, not a Botox injection.

Second, if you have a non-major form of depression, it may be far better to work through it. Many professionals think that non-major forms of depression are a evolutionary adaptations designed to help us solve complex personal and interpersonal problems.  These individuals, some scientists argue, are better off working through their emotions and problems, as long as the depression isn’t  life threatening.

Finally, abundant research has found that choosing to see the bright side of things, choosing to really smile, can truly make one feel happier.

But, feeling happier won’t erase one’s fine lines and wrinkles — for that, you will need Botox.

Shizuka new York Day Spa Botox Treatment

Shizuka New York Botox injections are performed by Dr. Olivia Hutchinson, one of Manhattan’s leading plastic surgeons, in our tranquil and non-clinical spa. Botox treatments take as little as 5 minutes to perform, they are effective in smoothing wrinkles between the eyebrows, on the forehead and in reducing fine lines under the eyes, and the effects of treatment last 4-6 months.

Experience what Shizuka New York Botox treatment can do for you by scheduling a consultation with our doctors by phone at (212) 644-7400 or book an appointment online today.


  1. Treatment of depression with onabotulinumtoxinA: A randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trial, Journal of Psychiatric Research Volume 52, Pages 1–6, May 2014
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  5. Emotion regulation: Affective, cognitive, and social consequences, James J. Gross, Psychophysiology, 39 (2002), 281–291.



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Are Hi-Power Facials the new Fountain of Youth?


An invigorating facial massage can do wonders to rejuvenate and rehydrate tired and lack-luster skin.


However, when skin looks exceptionally dull and pattered with fine lines, you may need to forego a bit of pampering in lieu of a “hi-tech” facial for deeper hydration and skin restoration. Hi-tech facials are results-driven treatments, incorporating modern technology with deep cleansing refreshment.


Shizuka new York Day Spa’s specialty hi-tech facials can be customized and complemented with Medi-Spa treatments such as Botox or Juvederm injections for non-surgical alternatives to face-lifts– at a fraction of the cost and with little or no down time.


Natural Face Lift Facial – Combines Naturopathica’s potent aromatherapy blends, including Plant Stem Cell Serum, with ultrasonic and microcurrent technologies.

Lifting Facial – Microcurrents gently stimulate, tone, and oxygenate skin. Voted Best Facial NYC by New York Magazine.


Lightening Facial – Ionization allows skin brightening agents to penetrate deeply to even out the complexion.


GentleWaves® LED Facial Rejuvenation – Specially coded LED lights engage the skin in photomodulation. This synthesis smooths fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks pores, stimulates collagen production, and encourages cellular renewal.


Collagen Boost Facial – This facial combines GentleWaves® LED Facial Rejuvenation with microcurrent facial toning.


Anti-Aging IPL Photofacial – Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) works to remove hyperpigmentation, rosacea and broken capillaries. An IPL treatment also stimulates collagen formation, and tightens pores.


Chemical Peels – Varying strengths of chemical peels remove superficial dead skin cells.


Microdermabraision (Crystal Peel) – Medical-grade microdermabrasion facials vacuum fine crystal powder across the surface of the skin to remove dead cells.


Ionizing Facial – Light microdermabrasion and ionization helps to further brighten and restore complexion.


Microcurrent Facial – Light microdermabrasion and microcurrent further lifts and tones skin.




Not sure which one’s right for you? Call us at (212) 644-7400 or email: [email protected] to>>

>> Set up a skincare consultation with Shizuka

>> Inquire about pricing for Botox or Juvederm treatments









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How an Anti-Aging Treatment is Relieving Migraine Pain


Botox isn’t just for wrinkles anymore.

The anti-aging injectable is gaining popularity as a pain management option for Chronic Migraine sufferers.


Last month, a 60 second TV commercial debuted promoting the benefits of BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA) as a treatment option for adult Chronic Migraine sufferers. Chronic Migraines are severe headaches that occur at least 15 days a month, each lasting at least 4 hours a day.

If you suffer from this debilitating condition, consult a headache specialist for the best treatment plan, as Botox injections are just one of many.

You can download a free Migraine Diary from to track your headaches. This detailed log will help you and your doctor make informed decisions about a treatment plan.


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Shizuka Bernstein Lectures for Milbon’s Overseas Training Tour





Milbon, Japan’s Top Brand in Professional Hair Care Products, brought a training team of 60 beauticians to the Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel in New York City today, June 3rd, 2013, to hear Shizuka speak about “Total Beauty for the Modern Woman”. Shizuka discussed head-to-toe beauty trends ranging from skin care, popular anti-aging treatments, and trending hair styles. Afterward she led a brief Q&A discussion session with the participants.



Shizuka’s lecture covered prime topics the Milbon team targets on there visits throughout Japan and in New York City. They visit top salons and meet with professionals in the beauty industry in order to provide the best solutions for their wide-ranging clientele.


Another training seminar will take place in NYC next month where Shizuka will give a repeat lecture.




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Botox for Migraines

Popularly, Botox is known to temporarily improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the face and neck, as well as contribute to pore and sweat reduction.

But did you know, Botox is also a widespread solution for treating headache pain for chronic migraine sufferers? This FDA approved procedure works to block or lessen the irritation across nerve endings that lead to migraine pain.

Injection sites vary from person to person, but are primarily located around the face, forehead, and back of head and neck.

Although its true cause remains a mystery, chronic migraines are usually the byproduct of genetics, environmental or hormonal triggers. Botox treatment can significantly lessen the need for and/or dosage of oral medication or other therapies. But please note, Botox is merely a pain management option and not a cure.



Learn more about Botox for migraines by setting up a consultation with one of our doctors at our Medical Spa >>





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Are Fillers Right for You?

Facial fillers are a great alternative to surgical facelift procedures, and are a fraction of the cost. Fillers enhance certain areas of the face by smoothing out wrinkles. At our Medical Spa, our doctors administer a hyaluronic acid based filler called Juvederm, with results lasting up to a year, or sometimes longer. Clients can come in at anytime for touch-ups.

Juvederm works to fill in wrinkles, leaving the area smooth and wrinkle-free. It can also be used to plump and push up certain areas of the skin such as lifting the cheeks and filling out lips.

The total procedure is fast and easy, taking no more than 15 minutes.

Contact us for a price estimate.



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Baby Botox, Anti-Aging Skin Care for Teens: How Young is Too Young?


Okay, so baby Botox is technically not Botox for actual babies, although that subject is surprisingly less than fictional.  Julian McMahon’s character on Nip/Tuck recently faced the moral dilemma of whether he should inject dermal fillers into the lips of an infant model.  Okay, so that’s still technically fictional, but check out this site and a clip of a young “Toddlers and Tiaras” type of girl who desperately wants plastic surgery because “I love my mommy.”  Huh?

jessicasimpsonBaby Botox actually refers to a less-is-more approach to injecting Botox Cosmetic that aims to simply soften fine lines and wrinkles without creating the cliche “frozen face” or perpetually quizzical look.  Baby Botox is becoming more popular especially among younger women in their 20’s and early 30’s (Jessica Simpson was having regular Botox injections and lip fillers as early as 25!).

The New York Daily News printed an interesting and related article this week on anti-aging skin care for teenagers, stating that “a third of women under 25 years old regularly apply anti-aging products meant for the 40-plus crowd.”

Some British dermatologists have spoken out about this trend and it’s potentially negative effects for the youth-obsessed teens: “cosmetic products that boast of maintaining youthful skin contain high concentrations of retinoids and AHAs, which can actually accelerate the aging process for those with vibrant skin.” These retinoids and AHAs (alpha hydroxyacids) can stimulate cellular renewal in those with more mature skin. However, in the young, the dermatologists contend, they can lead to redness, irritation, itchiness and a greater susceptibility to sun damage and hyperpigmentation, especially if the teenagers are not wearing sunscreen.

So how young is too young?  Unless the teenager has an acne problem, we recommend keeping skin care simple.  It is a great time to learn proper skin care basics and to create routines that will hopefully last a lifetime, including daily cleansing, hydration and, most importantly, sun protection.  Botox will always eventually wear off.  However, sun damage is not an easy problem to fix.


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Honolulu Making a Stink About Public Transit


If you’re planning a Hawaiian vacation, you might want to think about showering first!  Two Honolulu city council members are proposing a ban on “odors that unreasonably disturb others or interfere with their use of the transit system.”  Stinky offenders could be fined up to $500!

Underarm Botox, anyone?

Source: Honolulu Advertiser


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Washington Cracks Down on Phony Botox, Laser Treatments

Fake Botox Victim

Federal officials in Washington State indicted three beauty salon proprieters this week for administering phony Botox and for trying to bribe an officer to overlook an unauthorized laser device.

In the first instance, Xin “Faith” He of Natural Beauty in Bellvue, WA told clients she was injecting Botox and the hyaluronic acid dermal filler Restylane when in fact she was injecting counterfeit substances. Her actions led to at least two reported negative reactions since 2004 that required a dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s care.  One victim (pictured above), who wished to remain anonymous, remarked, “My face looked like Frankenstein’s.”

In the second case, the two owners of Crystal Nails in Burien are charged with offering an official an $800 bribe to overlook a dangerous and unapproved radiation-emitting laser treatment they had imported.

In the quest for beauty, always be cautious.  Botox is a safe and effective treatment that should only be administered by a licensed doctor, and preferably one who specializes in the face (such as Dr. Silich at Shizuka New York Medical Spa).  Beware of cheap Botox knockoffs.  Botox is an FDA approved substance manufactured in the US by Allergan.  In addition, laser facial treatments should only be performed by highly trained skin care technicians.  Don’t be afraid to ask your aesthetician questions about the treatment and equipment they are using.

If you have questions about Botox Cosmetic or laser facial rejuvenation, please feel free to schedule a free consultation with Shizuka, or email your question to [email protected]/development.

Source: Seattle Times
Photo Source: KOMO News


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An Aging Kate Moss Turns Over a New Leaf


Uh-oh!  It looks like years of excessive sun, drinking, and smoking can catch up to even the most beautiful among us!

British supermodel Kate Moss learned this the hard way when she saw pictures of a recent St. Tropez vacation posted online.  35-year-old Kate was shocked to see that her skin had seriously aged.

According to a Daily Mail source:

“Kate didn’t like seeing pictures of the state of her skin while she was on holiday. She knows it’s down to her lifestyle, so she is deciding to try a particular health plan to help regain a fresh look.”

As a result of seeing her deep forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and blemishes, Kate has decided to turn over a new leaf and lead a healthier lifestyle by cutting down on the drinking and smoking, revising her diet, and upping her water intake.

These are all great steps and we applaud Kate.  As we’ve stated in previous posts, excessive sun exposure, drinking and smoking can be serious skin-agers.  It’s so important to remember that our lifestyles directly affect the way we look on the outside.  Exposure to the sun’s UV rays leads to wrinkles, sun damage, and potentially skin cancer (also take a look at this post on tanorexia). Too much drinking can dehydrate the body and affect the quality of our regenerative sleep. Smoking robs the body and skin of essential Vitamin C and can also lead to hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

For anyone feeling like Kate, we recommend microdermabrasion or chemical peeling procedures to even out the skin texture and Botox Cosmetic at our New York City Medical Spa to smooth forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet in addition to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Source: Daily Mail


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Medical Spa Gets ‘Addicted to Beauty’

Addicted to Beauty on OxygenWhat could be more dramatic than cosmetic surgery voyeurism?  Apparently this is the concept behind Oxygen‘s new reality tv show, ‘Addicted to Beauty’ which premiered on Tuesday.

Set in a La Jolla, CA medical spa called Changes Plastic Surgery, ATB shows that rich housewives of New York City and Orange County aren’t the only ones entitled to nip, tuck and inject Botox. They’re also not the only ones with drama.

As the New York Daily News describes it, “this workplace has more nasty conflicts than “The Office,” “30 Rock” and “Ugly Betty” put together.”

We are especially fond of the redhead, back and center in this promotional photo, who happens to be the owner of Changes.  She is quoted on Addicted to Beauty‘s official website:

How do you count procedures? Do you count botox as procedure, restylane, laser resurfacing or just going under the knife? I’ve had tons of Botox and the other non-surgical procedures. I go in every six months or more if needed for these non-surgical procedures. For the surgical procedures, I’ve had more than 5 and less than 10.

Addicted to Beauty airs Tuesdays at 10pm on Oxygen.


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Can a Botox Tax Smooth Wrinkles in National Healthcare Debate?

Botox CosmeticOn Monday Montana Democrat and Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus told reporters that he had heard some “interesting,” “creative,” and “kind of fun” ideas about smoothing some of the wrinkles in President Obama’s highly contested overhaul of the US healthcare industry.

According to Sen. Baucus a new 10% tax on cosmetic procedures was proposed. Although far from definite, this tax would be applied to cosmetic procedures, defined by law as “any procedure which is directed at improving the patient’s appearance and does not meaningfully promote the proper function of the body or prevent or treat illness or disease.” This could include procedures such as facelifts, breast implants, hair restoration and, of course, Botox Cosmetic injections to smooth wrinkles.

Although many states have tried to enact similar taxes on cosmetic procedures such as Botox, results have been inconsistent. New Jersey, which currently has a 6% cosmetic procedure tax, has brought in only 25% of the anticipated revenue since the tax was enacted in 2004 according to Malcolm Roth of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Needless to say, the proposed Botox tax or “Bo-Tax” has ignited the passions of many on both sides of the issue.

Do you support a federal tax on cosmetic procedures?

View Results

Loading ... Loading ...

More information at The National Journal’s Congress Daily.


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Botox Jaw Reduction, Underarm Botox at our NYC Medical Spa

You Wanna Put Botox Where? – Botox Jaw Reduction and Underarm Sweat Reduction

NYC Botox Injections at Shizuka NY Medical Spa

If you’ve seen The Real Housewives or Extreme Makeover you are probably well aware of the many uses for Botox Cosmetic.  Women and men have been using Botox injections to smooth fine lines and wrinkles for years.  However, have you heard about these more unusual, yet effective uses for Botox Cosmetic such as jaw reduction and underarm sweat reduction performed by Dr. Silich at our NYC Medical Spa?

Underarm Botox

That’s right…Botox Cosmetic in the armpits!  It’s not like many people are concerned about underarm wrinkles, so what’s the deal?  Underarm Botox is actually an FDA approved treatment for hyperhidrosis, a.k.a. excessive underarm sweat.

Injecting Botox in the armpits has long been a celebrity beauty secret for keeping dry under the bright red carpet lights.  Underarm sweat reduction with Botox is a quick and convenient procedure, and the results generally last 4-6 months.

Dr. Silich and Shizuka have also collaborated to create The Underarm Overhaul, a Botox treatment unique to our NYC medical spa that combines underarm Botox with an underarm “facial” and complimentary underarm waxing.

Botox Jaw Reduction

Botox Jaw Reduction involves injecting Botox Cosmetic into the masseter muscle (chewing muscle).  This can gradually improve the appearance of the lower face for those who wish to achieve a slimmer and less square shape to the jaw line.  Jaw Reduction with Botox is especially popular in the Asian community, but is effective for anyone with an enlarged masseter muscle (often a result of teeth grinding).

Pricing for Underarm Botox & Botox Jaw Reduction

For Botox pricing, please request a Botox price estimate online or call (212) 644-7400.

Consultations and Treatments for Underarm Botox and Jaw Reduction

You can request a consultation online with Dr. Silich or call (212) 644-7400 to schedule a consultation in our NYC medical spa. Dr. Silich’s consultation fee is applied toward any same-day Botox treatments.


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Bird Poop Facials & Botox from The Three Tomatoes

Take a gander at this hilarious new radio talk show from The Three Tomatoes in which they discuss Botox, Michelle Pfeiffer and Shizuka New York Day Spa’s Bird Poop Facial:

In case you’re interested, you can also read PTA Mom’s original review of the Geisha Facial®.

Watch the video that started all the Bird Poop Facial hype.

Here’s another very funny video in which Shizuka and an assistant perform Geisha Facial®s on Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb of NBC’s Today Show.


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