Yayoi Kusama’s Endless Dots

Yayoi Fever at Louis Vuitton on 57th Street and 5th Avenue


Yayoi Kusama, prominent Japanese contemporary artist, and Louis Vuitton are collaborating to bring fashion and art to new audiences in New York this summer. Kusama is best known for her dot patterns spanning mediums from film and sculpture to immersive installations. You can find Kusama’s designs in a limited edition collection across the entire Louis Vuitton brand from clothing to footwear and accessories.  In turn, Louis Vuitton will be supporting a retrospective of Kusama’s most intense innovations at The Whitney Museum of American Art  through to September 30th, 2012.



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Gel Nail Art in Time Out New York

The nail salon at Shizuka New York Day Spa was featured as one of NYC’s top ten nail art salons in Time Out New York. TONY featured our glitter gradation gel manicure as one of it’s most trendy styles:

Shizuka New York Day Spa
On the sixth floor of what looks like an ordinary midtown office building lies Shizuka, a serene space where manicurist Satomi Teraoka creates Japanese nail art as understated or outrageous as you desire. After being greeted with a cup of green tea, manicure devotees are presented with a case of faux nails showcasing the sun-filled salon’s most popular designs, including Teraoka’s signature “glitter waterfall” ($85). To create this effect, clear, light pink and glittery Presto gels are layered on the nails and dried under a LED light for 20 seconds after each application. Teraoka completes the mani with a few crystals and a glossy top coat. While gel manicures—which last about two weeks and cost $20 to get removed—are the salon’s speciality, they don’t skimp on other forms of nail art. Flowers, leopard spots and original designs can be brushed on with regular polish ($5-$10 per nail), and if you have a thing for bling, the ladies at Shizuka will completely cover your nails with crystals to create their Disco-ball manicure ($150). 7 W 51st St between Fifth and Sixth Aves, sixth floor (212-644-7400, shizukany.com)—Leah Faye Cooper

Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson

[Time Out New York]


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Katy Perry’s ‘Disco Ball’ Manicure is a Great New Year’s Look


You may remember from our recent post, Style Watch: Nail Bling, that Katy Perry rocked a ‘disco ball’ manicure at this year’s VMAs. Other fans of this celebrity manicure include Serena Williams, Pink and Beyonce.

Time Out New York featured this trendy nail look at Shizuka New York Day Spa as a great way to bling out your New Year’s Eve look. What goes into a disco-ball manicure? Hundreds of shimmering Swarovski Crystals that will make your nails shine like the Swarovski star atop the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree a few steps away from our NYC day spa. The price of a disco ball manicure is $180, although you can get it for $150 through December 31, 2009 when you mention Time Out.

To make an appointment for a disco ball manicure, contact us online or call (212) 644-7400. BTW, Shizuka New York Day Spa is open until 6pm on New Year’s Eve, and while you’re at it, try our brand new Collagen Boost Facial, the ultimate pre-party facial on special through December 31.

Is Katy Perry’s look a little too extreme for your style? Try our Crystal Manicure ($65), a more subtle and affordable version of the celebrity manicure.


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Style Watch: Nail Bling


If you liked it then you should’a put some bling on it. Nail bling is a hot celebrity fashion trend because of it’s immediate wow factor. By celebrity logic, why have one or two jewels on your hands when you can have a hundred shimmering crystals? Witness Katy Perry (above) at the VMA’s.

Other fans of nail bling include Serena Williams, Pink, and even Sasha Fierce herself who sported this nail ring from Bijules NYC in the “Sweet Dreams” video. Priced at $4500, Jay Z really must “like it.”


Understandably, these looks may be a little over the top for the everyday woman. However, we recommend our Crystal Classic Manicure ($45, 40 min) that adds just a few sparkling Swarovski crystals to two fingers of your choice for a much subtler look that can still give you that celebrity vice you’ve been craving.

P.S. Don’t forget that the Classic Manicure is 10% off October 26 – 31 as a part of our Halloween spa specials.


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Style Watch: LED Eyelashes?

We already know that women will go to great lengths for beauty, however this might be a bit much. There’s eyelash perms, eyelash extensions, and even Latisse, but what about LED eyelashes?

Korean fashionista Soomi Park has created a unique new tool for self expression. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, hers is looking rather bright.

LED Eyelash is a clever product that speaks to many Asian womens desire for bigger eyes. It features an inclination sensor with mercury to turn on and/or off. The sensor can perceive the movements of the pupil in the eyes and eyelids. If someone wears it and moves her head, LED Eyelash will flicker following the movement.

We’ve been fans of LEDs (light emitting diodes) for years, and LEDs are actually used in one of our skin care treatments, the GentleWaves Facial. What do you think…is this trend going to catch on? A great Halloween look? Enjoy the video.


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