VOL 135: スパ ディールズ – 新年の大変身

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Volume 135: Spa Deals for Ultimate Renewal
Makeover of the New Year – Supadiruzu
Thank you for reading the newsletter of Shizuka New York all the time. Happy New Year! Because it was done extensively refurbished over several months in a building that contains the shop is caused inconvenience to everyone, was very sorry the old year. Also delighted that, renovated will soon complete. This renovated, the lobby becomes a more stylish design, New York Yankees Steak House was opened in the same building! As we greet the New Year, various have been changed price already spa package in addition to, I was going to a new price eyelash perm, the far-infrared sauna. Available from January 2, 2014 at the new price, infrared sauna and far eyelash perm,: Eyelash perm: $ 80 (old fee $ 90) Lunch Special (Mon – Fri 11a-4p): $ 70 (old fee $ 80) far infrared sauna: $ 50 w / massage or facial: $ 20And Supadiruzu ** this, bookings other online ( mobile Please call or, is acceptable from) to (212) 644-7400. When booking promotion code do not forget:Towards the new year, your skin also body also renewed! 28 days to February January 2, 2014, ** Please use the Supadiruzu by all means!

Signature Anti-Aging Photofacial *$ 250 (usually $ 300) Photo2014

Let’s revive the spirit in (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment IPL the effect is to reach deep cells, the tired skin at the party of the year-end and New Year holidays. The after treatment, part of the stain is black reaction, that part fall off in 3 to 5 after the stain will be thin. Weak winter sunlight is the best season of the reborn to this treatment!

* Customers receive an IPL treatment for the first time in our store, consultation and static is – you need to advance.
Inquiry of consultation, call 212-644-7400 or e-mail [email protected] to please.

(Except the classic facial and express facial) customers Facial, Gentle Waves ® LED Facial Rejuvenation for free plus (usually + $ 65) GW2014

Gentle Waves ® LED Facial Rejuvenation brings out the youth of your skin. Unlike the name “Gentle (gentle, calm)” and, on a distinguished, the effect you can also accept in people of all skin types. In this opportunity, please realize the effect it!

Customers massage Body Scrub + far infrared sauna I offer $ 50 (usually $ 85 +) Scrub2014

Regained the harmony of body and mind, new year, let’s enjoy the new me! To the refreshing fragrance of mimosa and lemon grass, scrub and bamboo walnut, remove the dead skin, feeling also to light.

Sugar Scrub + manicure bamboo scrub pedicure = Combination Special – $ 65 (usually $ 76) Bamboo2014

How about it is being added to your New Year’s Resolutions, “in everyday life, the reward a little more to me” from that? While enjoying this nail treatment that is included horny care and light massage, please make yourself start the New Year.

Nagomi manicure pedicure + cherry = Combination Special – $ 75 (usually $ 100) Sakura2014

Luxury is not to only holiday. How about at the beginning of the year, the popular, nail treatments of luxurious 2 hour course, you can make yourself a new feeling fine-grained care? Enjoy the standard up one by all means this year! Blog: Latest How to Care for Weak and Damaged Nails

Shizuka’s BeautyZen Corner: Holiday Traditions

How to Prep Your Skin for a Facial

** Promotion of this place is not available with any other promotion, coupon, spa finder gift certificates, and coupons Yelp. The Supadiruzu of this time, because it will be offered at February 28 2014 January 2, 2014, but approve it.


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