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COFFEE:  Beyond the Cup

Coffee is the beverage of choice for millions of Americans.  Hot, iced, or garnished with steamed milk and frothy foam, we love to drink our coffee.  Coffee loyalists make it a regular part of their morning routine and often make it the star of a social outing with friends. The more adventurous coffee lovers will use it to bake a cake or marinate a steak. Still others have found wild and wonderful new uses for this most beloved beverage.

From art to soap…from eye cream to fireplace logs…coffee-infused products offer consumers great innovation as well as environmentally friendly options.

Coffee Break Mud Wrap
Shizuka New York Day Spa

The invigorating aroma of ground Arabica coffee is at the heart of the Coffee Break Mud Wrap at the Shizuka NY Day Spa.  This therapeutic treatment simultaneously sloughs away dead skin cells while drawing impurities and cellulite-inducing water from the skin.  Wrapping the body under infrared heat lamps helps the body to release toxins.  After a refreshing shower, you will have had your caffeine fix while toning, detoxifying, and refining your skin (50 minutes/$160).  The Shizuka New York Day Spa is located at 7 W. 51st Street, 6th Floor, New York City.  212-644-7400.  Visit their website and explore their other spa services.


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Coffee & Tea Newsletter – The invigorating aroma of ground Arabica coffee is at the heart of the Coffee Break Mud Wrap at the Shizuka NY Day Spa. – Treat yourself and enjoy the serene Shizuka Spa in midtown for some pampering and to get your back in tank top shape with their fabulous bacial. That’s a facial for your back.
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