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GentleWaves® LED Facial in Page Six Magazine

GentleWaves and Photofacials in Page 6 Magazine of the New York Post

Ray of Hope

More and more New York City residents are opting for photofacials, a new dermatology treatment that uses a rainbow of flashing lights to erase skin problems.

Light treatments have been around for more than a decade-but while they were previously used to reduce blemishes, today’s higher-powered equipment means they can now be used for photofacials that firm skin and reduce hyperpigmentation. There’s Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), a strong light source applied directly to the skin, which flashes with the push of a button; and milder Light-Emitting Diodes (GentleWaves LED), for which a patient sits in front of a panel of lights (think tanning booth).  Yellow light targets brown spots, red light decreases inflammation, green light hits broken capillaries, and blue light kills bacteria that cause breakouts.

Even 82-year-old Corinne Reid is finding that treatments are warding off years.  She swears that her series of 45-second, $150 GentleWaves LED sessions at Shizuka New York City Day Spa have done what no other treatment could. “I smoked for 40 years, so I had wrinkles around my mouth,” she says. “I tried microdermabrasion, but it turned my skin purple. I had eight facial treatments with GentleWaves, two weeks apart, and the wrinkles disappeared. I might get older. But with this miracle cure, I’m not going to age.” –Beth Landman

Excerpt from Page 6 Magazine, The New York Post, November 11, 2007