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Spa Trends: The latest weird & wonderful spa treatments

Snakes, semen, salt and sand: today’s health and beauty services have never been so eclectic.  Thanks to ever-increasing competition in the industry, spa menus are continually evolving to incorporate unconventional treatments that push the spa experience to new – at times wacky – heights.  We check out the latest, greatest and strangest…


Faeces and facials aren’t two words you would usually associate with one another.  However, it seems what goes around comes around.  Following in the footsteps of the Geishas and Kabuki actors of days gone by, the Geisha Facial® uses enzyme-rich nightingale droppings (which were historically a popular house pet and an iconic symbol of beauty), to cleanse and brighten skin.  Shizuka New York Day Spa specialises in this celebrity-popular facial which blends UV-sterilised powdered bird droppings with delicate Japanese rice bran to enhance exfoliation effects.  Dead skin cells are broken down et voila, a Geisha worthy pearly complexion.

Shizuka New York Day Spa

by Simone Goldsmith

January/February 2009


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