Bridal Spa Package Deal Featured in New York Magazine

We Offer a Bridal Spa Package Deal In This 2009 NY Magazine Weddings Issue

Shizuka New York Day Spa Bridal Spa Package Deal in NYC

7 W. 51st St., near Fifth Avenue, Sixth Floor


Preternaturally calm aesthetician Shizuka Bernstein will help you escape from the drab humdrum of midtown at this Japanese sanctuary spa.  Clients can partake in the indulgent four-hour Hanayome Bridal Spa Package deal that includes a facial, body treatment and a manicure and pedicure (from $345).

New York Magazine Weddings Issue

Summer 2009


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The Daily Obsession – the All Day Acne Defense Skincare Product from my facialist, Shizuka Bernstein, immediately suppressed any impending breakouts that I felt coming.

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