All Day Acne Defense Skincare Product from my facialist, Shizuka Bernstein, which immediately suppressed any impending breakouts that we felt coming.

With a combination of 2% salicylic acid and other natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and ginger root extract, Shizuka purposely decided to use salicylic, instead of benzyl peroxide, because it is much gentler on the skin.  Benzyl has a tendency of harshly drying out the skin, which might get rid of the breakout, but leave patches of dry skin behind, that take longer to restore.  With the combination of salicylic acid and natural ingredients, the breakout is dried out naturally but not so severely that it takes a long time to heal.  The stick is extremely easy to use, with a sponge applicator on one side, so you can directly dab the affected area.

I find that if I dab a little bit of this stick on any bump the night before I feel I am going to break out, I wake up in the morning feel the bump visibly reduced and it normally takes about 1-2 days for it to fully go away.  I was glad to see that my friends had the same result upon using this stick, and raved about its quick acting, and easy results, that they all wanted to know where they could buy the stick upon returning back to the states.

The stick retails for $25.20 and can be found here.

Posted by Kathleen on February 27, 2009



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