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Shizuka New York Skincare System

At the heart of the Shizuka New York Skincare System is pure Mt. Fuji spring water.

From Mt. Fuji to Manhattan…

Driven by her belief that natural ingredients can impart powerful anti-aging and anti-acne results while being less likely to irritate the skin than chemically-based products, Shizuka Bernstein created the Shizuka New York Skincare System in collaboration with her husband, prominent dermatologist, Dr. Robert M. Bernstein. The Shizuka New York Skincare System is holistically formulated in Japan and protects the natural potency of the herbs and extracts without the use of preservatives or undue reliance upon chemicals. Shizuka New York Skincare products are all-natural, hypoallergenic and pH-balanced, and free of artificial fragrance, lanolin, animal byproducts, and harsh chemical irritants.

After years of research and testing, Shizuka has artfully chosen innovative and effective ingredients rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins to gently revitalize, refresh, nurture and protect the skin. Each of her products begins with the source of all life water. Though other filtered spring waters were initially tested, Shizuka found that none could compare in purity and efficacy with water taken directly from Mt. Fuji and she feels the benefits conferred to be palpable. Rich in minerals developed within the 200 million year old layers of sedimentary rock in a remote and unspoiled region of Japan, the waters of Mt. Fuji are prized for their health benefits and are believed to play a vital role for radiant, ageless skin.

The Shizuka New York Skincare System includes components designed to detoxify the skin and guard against premature aging, to reduce hyper-pigmentation, brown and age spots from sun damaged skin, to reduce fine lines for younger, smoother looking skin, to control acne-prone and oily skin and to prevent breakouts and to hydrate dry and sensitive skin.

The Ingredients…

Sake (Oryza Sativa Lees): replenishes moisture and repairs the skin through natural enzymes from the rice fermentation process that catalyze skin cells into action, increasing cellular renewal, softness and brightness.
Pearl Protein: is regenerative in nature, repairing cell damage and acting as an anti-inflammatory while decreasing melanin production.
Rice Bran, Rice Protein: increases moisture retention and promotes cellular renewal and collagen synthesis.
Soy (Natto Gum, Soy Collagen): Rich in proteins and amino acids, conditions, hydrates, protects, revitalizes, speeds cellular turnover, and promotes elasticity and firmness. Natural antioxidants and phytochemicals protect and balance.
Green Tea: Anti-oxidant, prevents moisture loss, diuretic, reduces cellulite and suppresses irritation and inflammation while fighting sun damage.
Whole-Plant Mushroom Extract: evens skin tone, lightens hyperpigmentation areas of the skin and contains UV absorbing properties, thereby offering the anti-aging properties of an anti-oxidant.
Moroccan Lava Clay: stimulates circulation and encourages cell turnover while absorbing surface oil.
Aloe Barbadensis: replenishes lost moisture while it soothes irritated skin, calms and heals.
Lavender: rejuvenates, balances irregularities, relaxes, soothes, heals, calms, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic.
Peppermint: Tonic, revives, heals, slightly antiseptic, purifying.

Our Products…

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