Fish Pedicure

The View's Sherri Shepherd getting a fish pedicure with a bird poop mask on her face!

July 29, 2008
NEW YORK, NY – Today’s episode of ABC’s The View highlighted unusual spa treatments including the infamous fish pedicure and bird poop facial.

The fish pedicure uses garra rufa fish (a.k.a. doctor fish, nibble fish, kangal fish) that literally eat away dead skin cells from the feet of clients. Incidentally, garra rufa dr. fish are also used in some Turkish spas to treat psoriasis.  This highly unusual and ticklish pedicure first gained national popularity when contestants on I Survived a Japanese Game Show visited a Japanese spa for a fish pedicure and also due to a local nail salon in Alexandria, VA that specializes in fish pedicures.

The fish pedicure salon’s owner remarked that nibble fish are a more sanitary and hygenic way to remove dead skin on the feet than traditional razors.  Incidentally, Shizuka’s New York City nail salon uses sanitized diamond files to remove callouses on the feet during pedicures.

Also featured in the segment was Shizuka New York’s own Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial that uses powdered nightingale excrement. Beauty expert and television personnality Stacy Cox described her experience at Shizuka NY Japanese Day Spa and the benefits of the bird poop facial that harnesses the power of bird poop to brighten and cleanse the skin.

Will there be any other unusual spa treatments to come out of Japan in the near future? We will have to watch and see!