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Squelching Sweating

By GREG MORAGO | Hartford Courant Staff Writer

June 25, 2008

It’s going to be a long, hot summer. Not good news for those who hate to sweat. It’s disastrous news — one could even say the pits — for those who suffer from excessive sweating.

Try as we might to stay dry, drippy sweat is coming our way. Connecticut already had one heat wave before summer even officially began. Triple-digit temperatures have socked California, breaking records for peak energy usage. And a recent report from the U.S. Climate Change Science Program predicts that the United States is in for more climate extremes, including excessive heat, as global warming promises abnormally hot days and nights as well as heat waves in our future.

The heat is on. Americans, however, are doing whatever they can to keep sweat at bay. Witness the rather recent introduction of “clinical-strength” antiperspirant/deodorants, which can cost twice as much as regular-strength roll-ons and solids (Secret, Dove, Degree and Gillette all have antiperspirant/deodorants that promise clinical dryness).

“Designer” deodorants, which can cost three to four times as much as supermarket brands, continue to thrive (Origins just introduced a $15 organic deodorant; Dolce & Gabbana makes a $22 men’s deodorant; Sisley Eau de Campagne men’s deodorant fetches a whopping $75). New York magazine recently reported that Shizuka New York spa in Manhattan is offering a summer “underarm overhaul” which includes steam-cleaning the pits, hair-removal waxing and injections of Botox to paralyze the sweat glands. The cost? A cool $1,500. But the good news is you won’t sweat all summer!

If this aversion to sweating seems over the top, think again. According to a Harris Interactive survey commissioned by the International Hyperhidrosis Society (a nonprofit organization dedicated to the excessive sweating condition called hyperhidrosis), 60 percent of American adults would be embarrassed or very embarrassed by visible underarm sweat stains. Of the 3,000 U.S. adults surveyed, 58 percent would be more embarrassed by underarm sweat stains than bad acne; and 47 percent would be more embarrassed by sweat than by being overweight. Despite the fact that only 3 percent of the world’s population (or about 8 million Americans) has hyperhidrosis, 70 percent of those surveyed think they have too much underarm sweat and go to various lengths to hide or prevent it.

“It looks like sweat bothers people more than we all thought,” said Lisa Pieretti, executive director of the hyperhidrosis society. “I was surprised by the numbers.”

Clinicals Genuinely Stronger

It’s probably no surprise to deodorant makers, though, that Americans care deeply about excessive sweating. In its June issue, Allure magazine featured super-strength antiperspirants including Secret Clinical Strength, Dove Clinical Protection and Degree Women Clinical Protection, all of which contain 20 percent aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex GLY or 20 percent aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex GLY, the strongest wetness-fighting agent allowed without a prescription (most common antiperspirants contain aluminum chlorohydrate).

While Botox injections to inhibit sweating have been around for several years, these new over-the-counter clinical strength antiperspirant/deodorants treatments have generated strong buzz, said Victoria Kirby, beauty editor for Allure.

“Once one company came out with a clinical strength deodorant, the other companies wanted to get in on the act. Most have launched within the last six months to a year,” Kirby said. “If you can’t afford [Botox], here’s something you can do at drugstore cost even though they’re more than a conventional deodorant.”

For people with hyperhidrosis, which causes them to sweat four to five times normal, the new generation of antiperspirants can be a lifesaver, Pieretti said. “For some it works like a charm,” she said. “For some people, it’s still not strong enough. A great combination is Botox and these high-powered antiperspirants.”

Paralyzing The Sweat Glands

In January, the International Hyperhidrosis Society ( gave thumbs up to Proctor & Gamble’s Secret Clinical Strength, the first antiperspirant to receive the society’s Seal of Recognition, indicating that the society’s board of physicians has investigated the product claims once the manufacturer has submitted its research. Proctor & Gamble repeated the same clinical research in developing Gillette Clinical Strength, a men’s deodorant, which came on the market in November.

For some, however, that’s not enough. Enter the $1,500 underarm overhaul which has made news recently because of a price tag that would cause many to sweat bullets. But for the never-let-them-see-you-sweat adherents, it’s probably a luxurious no-brainer.

“Will people do it and pay for it? Absolutely. Is it a necessity? Probably not. But it’s interesting,” Kirby said. “It’s an extravagant treatment, but there are women who will pay the price because it will make them feel like they’re extra clean.”

But will men go for medical spa Shizuka New York’s super-duper pit stop? Most heavy sweaters will probably stick to their Mitchum.

“There’s something a little bit wrong about going that far for a guy,” said Tyler Thoreson, executive editor of “If you’re out there doing yard work, you should be sweating. If you didn’t sweat and smell a little bit, something’s wrong. It’s part of being a man. There’s nothing wrong with working up a little sweat.”


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