Real Men Get Micro Facials At Shizuka New York Spa

shizukalogoblk-sThere is nothing girly about having a clean face!


Scruffy Guys Need Quality Skin Care Treatment Too
Unspeaking by David Goehring, CC BY 2.0

SHIZUKA new york’s Spa’s very loyal male client know this and return time and again to experience the Spa’s warm Japanese welcome and superlative Micro Facial deep cleansing.

At SHIZUKA new york Spa (7 West 51st Street, 212.644.7400), owner and medical aesthetician Shizuka Bernstein places an emphasis on making her male clients feel completely comfortable.  Aware that many men often feel self-conscious in a spa setting, Shizuka and her staff adopt an unfussy approach and simply address men’s skin care needs: deep-pore cleansing, reduction of shaving irritation, elimination of razor burn and ingrown hairs, any inconvenient breakouts and tightening and firming of the skin (because why look older than you are, sooner than you need to?).  The Spa’s Japanese décor and meditative sensibility induce a sense of relaxation that extends from the warm welcome to the post-treatment green tea and Japanese cookies served each client in The Tranquility Room.

Shizuka’s signature Men’s Micro Facial is a highly detailed and painstaking deep cleansing of the face customized for the needs of each client.  This amazing relaxing treatment incorporates numerous beneficial steps to decongest pores and clarify the complexion and includes a Japanese powder enzyme mask to gently break down the dermis without resorting to harsh scrubs. Shizuka notes that men’s skin actually requires a different approach than that used for women.  Since a man’s skin tends to be oilier than a woman’s a different facial massage technique is required in order to avoid stimulating oil glands.  Salicylic acid is also used to combat coarse ingrown hairs. Despite its remedial aspects, though, the Men’s Micro Facial is a gloriously indulgent treatment that also uses either essential oils or essential oil extracts to confer the benefits of aromatherapy and soothe jangled nerves.  Another highlight of the Micro Facial is the special lifting technique used, a method that uses Shiatsu acupressure to effect a light lymphatic drainage. And finally, every Micro Facial is finished with an eye cream (a gentle, 3% glycolic acid formulation), a non-occlusive sun block and a final massage and gentle cleansing of the shoulders to rid the skin free of all oils and residue.

The final result? Clean, clear, firmer-looking skin.  And because at an hour and a half Shizuka’s Men’s Micro Facial is actually longer than treatments at other spas, the client leaves relaxed to the point of bonelessness and ready to face the urban wars once more.

SHIZUKA New York Spa combines advanced Western skin care practices and time-honored Eastern holistic knowledge to give you a tranquil, world-class spa experience in the heart of mid-town Manhattan. SHIZUKA is located at 7 W. 51st Street, 6th Fl. (between 5th and 6thAvenues).