Nagomi Manicure And The Sakura Pedicure Program

shizukalogoblk-sSHIZUKA new york Spa (7 West 51st Street specializes in relaxation – even the name Shizuka means “tranquility” in Japanese.

nagomi-manicure-sakura-pedicure-program-1I wanted to let you know about Shizuka’s cool new signature nail treatments – the Nagomi Manicure and the Sakura Pedicure program – to see if you might be interested in trying them out for Daily Candy.  In these treatments, Shizuka uses natural ingredients that help defy the elements.  Ingredients like cherry blossom water, rice bran and black sesame are used to soften, exfoliate, hydrate, making hands and feet glow.

In Japanese, Nagomi actually means to relax, calm or soothe and this special signature manicure from Shizuka lives up to the promise inherent in the name.  The Nagomi Manicure features a preliminary soak in a rice-lemon finger bowl (the ceramide in the rice and the lemon in the vitamin c are used to moisturize and soften).  Thus prepared, cuticle care follows and then the hands receive a rice bran and soy powder hand scrub.  The scrub contains rice bran which provides vitamin E for moisture, but which also balances skin and has antioxidant effects; the soy contains protein and lecithin; and a soothing dark syrup contains vitamins and minerals to moisturize, brighten and cleanse.  The scrub also contains soymilk with lecithin and isoflavone, and olive oil with lineoleic acic for further softening and anti-inflammatory benefits.

After the scrub a nurturing sake-kasu pack is applied. The sake-kasu pack contains linoleic acid and arbutin and is especially good for addressing perspiration (you’d be amazed at how big a problem this can be for many women), removing dead skin cells, moisturizing and brightening and also contains vitamin E for additional moisturizing. Once the pack has worked its magic, your hand is given a gentle but thorough massage and a buff and shine before the application of nail color.

nagomi-manicure-sakura-pedicure-program-2The new Sakura Pedicure begins with a Sakura (cherry blossom) foot bath which contains both sodium sulfate and sodium bicarbonate to increase blood circulation, induce relaxation and moisturize, and is followed by a black sesame foot scrub containing black sesame rice bran, dark syrup, soymilk and olive oil to exfoiate, cleanse, brighten and moisturize the skin. As with the Nagomi manicure, a sake-kasu pack is then applied as a prelude to a massage, buff and shine and nail color application.

Both the Nagomi Manicure and Sakura Pedicure treatments leave the skin thoroughly exfoliated, softened and glowing – which can be quite a feat (pun intended) in the chill of winter.

SHIZUKA New York Spa combines advanced Western skin care practices and time-honored Eastern holistic knowledge to give you a tranquil, world-class spa experience in the heart of mid-town Manhattan. SHIZUKA is located at 7 W. 51st Street, 6th Fl. (between 5th and 6th Avenues).