VOL. 1, SEPT 2000 : Microdermabrasion Treatment for Sun Damage

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Damaged skin can be restored by the “Crystal Peel” microdermabrasion treatment

SHIZUKA new york introduced the “Crystal Peel” microdermabrasion treatment this Spring. The crystal powder removes old skin and prompts the birth of a new skin layer. After the first microdermabrasion treatment, you can clearly recognize its positive effects on your skin. It is very effective for treating sun damaged skin. We will advise you on the ideal treatment plan for your skin type. ·Crystal Peel (45-60min.) $150 ·Crystal Peel for reducing hyperpigmentation $200

Do not forget to take care of your sunburned skin after exposure to the summer sun.

Not only during summer, but also in other seasons, use sunscreen on your face to protect your skin. Sunburn is a primary cause of wrinkles, spots and blemishes. If you have dry, sunburned skin after your Summer vacation or outdoor activities, you should hydrate your skin with a moisturizer or toner spray that is suitable for your skin-type. It is also important to take vitamin C to nourish your skin. It is preferable to eat vegetables or fruits that are rich in vitamin C, but Vitamin supplements are also helpful. Smoking destroys vitamin C and is bad for your skin. Certain medications, which you may be using regularly, may have ingredients that will make your skin more vulnerable to the sun. If you suspect this, use additional protection for your skin. For example, use an eye cream that protects against the harmful effects of the sun.

Recommended products

Dermalogica / Total Eye Care (no longer available)

Protect and refresh your eye area during the day. This eye cream contains SPF 15 chemical-free sunscreen. It is suitable for all skin conditions. The product received the “Healthiest Beauty Products 1999” award from Health Magazine.

Dermalogica / Pigment Relief (no longer available)

An exclusive blend of active botanicals, Vitamin C and lactic acid will help regulate pigment production. You can use it safely even during pregnancy. Contains SPF 15 sunscreen.

DCL / “C” Scape Serum (no longer available)

The DCL brand products are created by dermatologists. The serum contains plenty of Vitamin C and helps to make collagen and to repair skin’s elasticity. The skin will become more smooth and resilient.

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