Vol. 103: Welcome 2011 NYC Marathon!

Volume 103 – NOVEMBER 2011

Welcome 2011 NYC Marathon!

Hey Shizuka NY Insiders!

We’d like to welcome all NYC Marathon participants and fans to SAVE over 20% on our spa massages!

Inspired by the spirit of the annual NYC Marathon this month, we want to remind you of our special discounted Shiatsu and Swedish massages with our esteemed spa massage therapist, Gary.

Gary’s healing hands have been lauded by Sports Illustrated for the care and ease he’s given to the athletes of the US Open. The quality and integrity of Gary’s work, along with his friendly demeanor, remains unwavering despite any stereotypes he faces due to his blindness. He remarks in an interview with Sports Illustrated, “The only way those stereotypes are going to be broken is if I break them…I’m not a blind therapist. I’m a therapist. And that’s what matters.”

We are thrilled to offer Gary’s incomparably gentle yet invigorating touch to athletes, fans, and enthusiasts alike. Take advantage of Gary’s special Shiatsu and Swedish massage deals throughout the week**. Be sure to use the PROMO CODES listed below when requesting your appointment online or by calling (212) 644-7400.

Shiatsu Massage, every Monday – Thursday
11am – 2pm
25 Min – $50 (reg. $65)
35 Min – $60 (reg. $85)
50 Min – $80 (reg. $105)

Swedish Massage, every Friday
25 Min – $50 (reg. $65)
50 Min – $80 (reg. $105)

**Spa Deals may not be combined with any other coupons or promotions, including Spa Finder gift Certificates. Schedule your appointment now by using our online request form or call (212) 644-7400.