Vol. 104: Featured Holiday Spa Treatments

Volume 104 – NOVEMBER 2011

Featured Holiday Spa Treatments

Hey Shizuka NY Insiders!

Check out our featured spa treatments that will help your skin glow this holiday season!

Collagen Mask w/ Facial
There are a number of ways to battle dry skin this holiday season; from humidifier use to the foods you eat to topical potions (be sure to frequent our blog for updated skin care tips). When it comes to our spa facials, one spa treatment essential to hydrating skin care is our collagen mask. Collagen masks hydrate your skin while promoting renewed skin cell regeneration leaving your skin looking firm and radiant. It’s included in a few of our facials, but you can always request to add it on to any facial spa treatment.
Chemical Peel Facials
Try our signature Chemical Peel Facials to get your skin refreshed and ready for that important holiday event, or have it done regularly for more refined skin. Shizuka recommends getting the treatment at least a week before the event, to allow your skin time to heal and rehydrate naturally. Afterwards, your skin will be smooth and naturally glowing for a month.

New to chemical peels or just can’t find the time? Try our Lunchtime Peel Facial, 40 minutes is all it takes for this peel to brighten and refine your skin tone, good for all skin types.

C Mollient Gel
Is your skin craving a little vitamin-infused nourishment? Try our C Mollient Gel, an acid-free formula that’s light and non-greasy. It also contains Green Tea Extract that prevents dryness and helps build natural defenses from free radicals. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and delicate eye areas. It works as a skin conditioner post Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion and IPL treatments.

Gift Certificates
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