VOL. 12, DEC 2002 : Winter Weather Skin Tips

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!2002 is drawing to a close! How are you spending the holidayseason? The air in New York becomes very dry this time of year, so it is important to protect your skin from the elements. Let’s review some guidelines on taking care of your skin:How can you tell if your skin is dehydrated? Moisture plays a vital role in the skin, helping to maintain its protective barrier and keeping it looking firm. To see if your skin is dehydrated, simply “pinch” a portion of the skin on your face. As you gently squeeze it, see if you detect fine lines. If you do, open a bottle of water and start drinking!

★  Keep your lips smooth and healthy!

1. Obtain a Chap Stick that is wax or silicone based, and use it often.

2. Don’t forget to use the Chap Stick before you apply lipstick.

3. When you use a face scrub, do not forget to wash your lips as well.

4. Apply Vitamin E oil capsule (open the capsule with scissors) as soon as you come out from the shower or bath (when your skin is maximally hydrated) so that it will penetrate your skin better.

5. Apply a thick layer of SHIZUKA new york’s silicon based Cemistri, or Vaseline before you go to bed.

★  Caring for your fingers, cuticles and heels!

1. Apply Vitamin E Oil (open the capsule with scissors) to your fingers and heels after taking a shower or bath.

2. Apply Cemistri (SHIZUKA new york) or Vaseline to your hands and heels when you watch TV or go to bed. For best results, wear cotton gloves and socks to increase the effectiveness of the moisturizer.

3. Try to avoid using anti-bacterial soap when you wash your hands. These products are generally too strong for the skin.

4. Apply a comfortable, non-sticky and effective hand lotion that you can use frequently during the day, especially after your hands have been in water.

5. Try to avoid using hot water when you wash your hands and body. Use lukewarm water instead.

6. When you wash dishes, use plastic gloves to avoid touching water and detergent. A sponge with a handle, is also useful for additional protection.

7. Have a professional manicure and pedicure to remove excess cuticles and calluses.

For sensitive and dry skin, trigger factors to avoid

1. Sudden changes in temperature or humidity.

2. Cosmetics containing lanolin, mineral oil, S.D, alcohol, artificial fragrances or D&C colors.

3. Constant stress or hormonal imbalance.

4. Environmental pollution, including ozone exposure.

5. Unprotected sun exposure.

6. Over-processed food with synthetic ingredients.

7. Reduction in the Stratum Corneum from harsh cleansers or excess, exfoliation.

8. Internal and external dehydration.

Extra tips for dry skin

1. Apply hydrating masks once or twice a week.

2. Change your basic skin care products from summer to winter.

3. Try an oil mask in addition to bath oil when bathing to heal dry skin or just for relaxation. Do not apply the mask on oily or acne prone skin.

4. Apply eye cream or jel morning and night.

5. Too much scrubbing can make your skin sensitive, especially if it had been treated with chemical or laser peels.

6. Do not use harsh soap when you take a shower or bath. Antibacterial soap is generally not necessary unless one has body odor.

7. A hot shower or bath can feel great, but it also can remove natural body oils. Adding bath oil to the water will help keep your skin well hydrated.

8. It is best to apply moisturizers to damped skin. After a shower or bath lightly towel dry and immediately apply your skin care products.

★ Recommended Products


Instant relief for damaged and irritated lips due to extreme weather. QTICA’s intense honey, tea tree and mint formulation soothes, relieves and helps to repair irritated lips, while providing UV sun block. Extends lipsticks wear when used as a base.


Dramatic results are achieved overnight! A thick, rich balm used at night to soothe and repair severely damaged and irritated skin due to chemicals, water and weather. Contains honey, vitamin A, B and Hyaluronic Acid for concentrated hydration and moisture addition. Non-allergenic. Ideal to restore skin that has been damaged by cuts, burns and irritation.

For best results, apply a conservative amount before retiring for the evening and massage until it’s completely absorbed. Place gloves on your hands for added protection.

●  PLATINUM SERIES HYDRATING SERUM/day & night (1 fl.oz./29.6 ml.) $55.50

Combines a powerful dose of Hyaluronic Acid that is enhanced by Tissue Respiration Factor, which increases cell oxygenation. A Triple Seaweed Blend is added to increase hydration and cell turnover.

●  Cemistri /SHIZUKA new york/ (8 oz.) $19.00

●  Home Peeling $100.00

20% Glycolic Acid Pads 45pads
Post peel Quick Recovery 2.5oz

20% Glycolic Acid Pads 

At-home, mini-peel pads, sweep away dead, dull skin cells.

They may be used once or twice a week to:

Sweep away dead, dull skin cells
Rejuvenate your skin
Tone and balance the skin
Reduce fine lines and brown spots
Prevent future breakouts
Retain moisture

Post-Peel Quick Recovery

The soothing solution for your skin

Today there are many alternatives for turning back time’s effects on your skin. Whether you, and your physician, have chosen a chemical or laser peel, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, ongoing Retin-A or Renova, or glycolic therapy, your skin needs the soothing and healing qualities Post-Peel Quick Recovery has to offer.

For Retin-A, Renova or Glycolic Therapy

Using Post-Peel Quick Recovery nightly following the application of these products will help ease the discomfort of these therapies.

You should use a full spectrum sun block daily and keep the skin well moisturized.

Our Home Peeling Kit is available at Shizuka new york now! Purchase now and get DCL Daily Moisture SPF15 free. 

Daily Moisture SPF 15

A lightweight, comfortable daytime hydrator, combined with Vitamin A, C, and E for advanced antioxidant protection. It also protects against both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. This moisturizer is also perfect under makeup. Daily Moisture SPF 15 moisturizes treats and protects the skin.

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