VOL. 14, APRIL 2003 : Important Information About Chemical Peels

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1.  Everything about Chemical peels.
2.  What SHIZUKA new york can offer to you in Chemical Peels.
3.  Now we offer a Prenatal Massage.
4.  Mineral Powder Foundation SPF20
5.  Mother’s Day Special Gift Package

1.  Everything about Chemical peels.

In all chemical peels, a solution containing the active ingredient is applied to the skin. The skin subsequently peels off over a period of 1 to 14 days, depending on how potent the chemicals were. This procedure removes parts of the skin in a controlled way so that new, healthier skin can grow in its place.

Chemical peels differ depending upon how deeply the chemical is needed to penetrate and the type of chemical solution that is used.

Factors that may affect the depth of a peel include:

1) the acid concentration in the peeling agent,
2) the number of coats that are applied, and
3) the amount of time allowed before the acid is neutralized.

Deeper peels generally result in more significant changes in the skin but are associated with higher risks, greater discomfort or pain, and a significantly longer healing time.

Chemical Peels may be divided into three types:

1. Superficial peels. These are the mildest type of chemical peel and can be used on a wide variety of skin types. Superficial peels usually use a solution containing a mild acid, most often glycolic acid. Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) is also be used. Aestheticians can perform only superficial peels.

2. Medium peels. This type of peel penetrates the skin more deeply than a superficial peel and can cause a reaction similar to a second-degree burn. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is the main peeling agent used for medium peels. Sometimes the peel is performed in several steps using a different chemical solution, such as resorcinol followed by TCA. Medium depth peels should only be performed by a physician.

3. Deep peels. These are the deepest type of chemical peel. They are used only on the face and should only be performed by a physician. The most common agent used in this peel is called phenol. Deep peels may not be used on darker skin types because they tend to bleach the skin (hypopigmentation). Even in lighter-skinned people, phenol peels—or any type of deep resurfacing—may cause hypo pigmentation. A deep peel is usually performed only once.

For more detailed information, you can log on to our website, Facial Peels

2.  What SHIZUKA new york can offer to you in Chemical Peel Services?

Light chemical peels affect the outermost layers of the skin. The agents and techniques used at SHIZUKA new york will depend upon the condition that needs to be treated and your specific skin type. The suggested treatment schedules will vary in each individual and be modified according your individual response.

7-Day Skin Rejuvenation

A safe approach to intense skin peeling that brightens, lightens, freshens and overall brings about a healthier, more youthful appearance. Once or twice a season is recommended.
One session: $350

Crystal Peel (Microdermabrasion) 60 min.

Microdermabrasion is a revolutionary new technique for skin resurfacing. It is a very effective, virtually painless procedure that allows the therapist to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. Microdermabrasion is performed using a jet of fine crystals that is vacuumed across the skin’s surface removing dead and damaged cells in the process.
Regular treatment $150
Hyper-pigmentation treatment $200

Facial Peels

3.  Now we offer a Prenatal Massage.

SHIZUKA new york offers Prenatal Massage for mother-to-be and baby-to-be. Our massage therapist, Attila, has offered these wonderful, pre-natal massages for several years. Clients include new mothers and those who are pregnant with their second and third child.
$85.- for 1 hour massage

4.  Mineral Powder Foundation SPF20

A natural-based cosmetic formulated from minerals with added vitamins, plant extracts and aromatherapy. Water resistant with natural UVA/UVB sun protection. Oat Finishing Powder excellent for oily skin. Convenient pony pump brush, perfect for travel, was designed to dispense the right amount of product each and every time.

For more information, call us at 212-644-7400 or log on to shizukany.com/products/

5.  Mother’s Day Special Gift Package.

Micro Facial + 1 hour Body Massage
$170+Tax (Reg.$200)
Plus, 15min. Ionization Facial Lifting

Micro Facial
$97.75+Tax (Reg. $115)

1 hour Body Massage
$72.25+Tax (Reg. $85)

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