VOL. 2, NOV 2000 : Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in time for next spring!

Unwanted hair can be a nuisance, especially during the spring and summer months when so much of your skin is exposed. It is recommended that you start Laser Hair Removal in New York City in the fall or winter season to complete the process before the warm season arrives.
Until recently, the only recognized way to remove hair permanently has been by the tedious and time-consuming method of electrolysis. Now, we offer safe, fast and effective treatments for both men and women through Laser Hair Removal in New York City. This process is the best way to remove unwanted hair.

★ The Process of Laser Hair Removal

(1) At your consultation at SHIZUKA new york day spa you can learn how Laser Hair Removal works and how it can help you. Hair grows in three cycles and effective treatment occurs when hair is in its active growth cycle. Therefore, several treatments are generally required to treat hair when it is in the proper cycle.

(2) If appropriate, during your consultation, you may be given a spot test to ascertain how your skin will react to the laser treatment.

(3) Approximately two weeks later, provided that your skin reacted well to the laser hair removal test, you will be given your first treatment. After this session, all of the hair in the treated area will be visibly gone.

(4) Four to six weeks after the first laser hair removal session, some hair will be seen to regrow and you will have a second. Four to six weeks later, you will go through the third session. With each treatment, your unwanted hair will become progressively weaker and gradually disappear.

(5) Depending upon your hair growth cycle, you may need additional laser hair removal treatments every two or three months.

These five steps constitute the basic plan. Your schedule will be customized depending upon your specific needs.

★ Laser Hair Removal Consultation & Patch test – no charge