VOL. 20, MAY 2004 : Give Mom a Lift

Give your Beloved MOM a uplifting gift….. 

Mothers’ day is approaching!
Flowers are always nice, but would you like to give her a more UPLIFTING gift?
Then please try our Mothers’day special “UPLIFTING” package. SHIZUKA New York’s award-winning lifting facial is an exciting new treatment that reaches below the surface of skin. This high-tech treatment delays premature aging and restores a healthy and youthful glow.
It firms and tones facial muscles, increases elasticity, smoothes lines and wrinkles and refines skin texture. Cell renewal is facilitated as it oxygenates and nourishes your skin to total rejuvenation. This is the Beauty editor’s favorite treatment. 60mins. full body massage will relieve stress and your mom should feel so light afloat.
Choose from Shiatsu, Anma, Deep Tissue, Swedish massage etc. Sounds so uplifting, doesn’t it?

Mothers’ day Special “UPLIFITNG” package
Lifting Facial (90min. Reg. $180)
+ Body Massage 60min (Reg. $95)
Special price $233.75 (15% off from Reg. $275)
DATE: until May 9th

For more detail, please contact 212-644-7400 or E-mail:contact@shizukany.com/development. 

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