VOL. 21, JUN 2004 : Intense Pulsed Light for Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Removal

SHIZUKA New York offers new treatments with MediLuxâ„¢!

Now you can benefit from more effective facials at Shizuka New York.  The treatments use the MediLuxâ„¢ Photofacial system, which gives you the dramatic reduction in the signs of aging and adult acne…. and we’ve added soothing Collagen & Aloe Vera Fiber Mask and DCL YQStratum® cream!

Anti-Aging Treatment

MediLuxâ„¢ Photofacial Treatment is a 3-5 treatment program that dramatically eliminates signs of sun damage, aging, and the redness of Rosacea on the face and neck.  It also gives excellent results on the arms and chest. Treatments take about half an hour and are usually performed every three weeks. Results are usually achieved in five sessions. Alternatively, some clients have maintenance sessions 1-2 times a year after the initial treatment series.  The advantage of MediLuxâ„¢ Pulsed Light is that it can remove surface pigmentation and vascular lesions, while stimulating additional collagen formation to improve skin texture, reduce pores and minimize the appearance of fine facial wrinkles. This treatment can be combined with Lifting Facial or Lightening Facial as a complete anti-aging treatment finishing with soothing Collagen & Aloe Vera Fiber Mask and DCL YQStratum® cream.

with Shizuka $250   with her associates $200

Lifting Facial with MediLuxâ„¢ Photofacial 
with Shizuka $340     with her associates $280 

Lightening Facial with MediLuxâ„¢ Photofacial
with Shizuka $300     with her associates $250

Acne Facial with MediLuxâ„¢ Intense Pulsed Light  90 min.

This facial is designed for treating acne, and includes – Hydroxy Acid and a Fruit Enzyme Peel to penetrate deeply and exfoliate clogged pores.  It goes to the root of the acne problem to reduce blemishes and produce an even skin tone.  Treatment of acne with MediLuxâ„¢ is a promising alternative to current topical and oral anti-acne remedies and this treatment is topped off with a soothing mask.  For the best results, clients should be treated at two-week intervals for 2-4 sessions.

with Shizuka  $240  with her associates $200


·  Protect your skin from UV Light

Picnicking, camping, and sunbathing at the beach… When you enjoy the outdoors this season, protect your skin with clothing and use a sunscreen. Sunburn is a primary cause of wrinkles, spots and blemishes.

Tips for protection from Sun Burn

1. Use Sunscreen frequently

When you plan to be outdoors for a long time, it’s not enough to put sunscreen on your skin just once in the morning. You should apply it at least every 2-3 hours.  According to a recent study, it’s more effective to applying SPF15 sunscreen every 2 hours than applying SPF30 sunscreen every 4 to 5 hours. If you experience skin irritation from using sunscreen, try one of the newer, chemical-free sunscreens containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These new formulations reflect the sun’s damaging rays, but don’t react with the skin. They can also be used safely around the eyes without causing stinging if the product gets into the eyes after sweating or swimming.

2. Don’t expose babies less than 6 months old to direct sunlight

Babies have very sensitive skin. When outdoors, put a cap on the baby and cover his or her skin with clothes. After 6 months, you can put sunscreen on the baby’s skin, but choose a gentle product.

3. Sunscreen is important for children

Sun damage to children’s skin can affect them over the long-term. In fact, research has shown that 80% of all photo-damage occurs by the age of 18. Even when they are young, children should take care of their skin by getting into the habit of using sunscreen.

4. Wear sunglasses that have UV protection

UV damages both your eyes and your skin. When you go outdoors, wear sunglasses that have both UVA and UVB protection.

5. UVA penetrates through window glass

Glass will protect you from UVB but not UVA. When you are indoors and are near a window or in a sunroom, use sunscreen to protect your skin. When you are driving, you should also protect your hands and arms. When not wearing long-sleeved shirts or gloves, use sunscreen.


·  Make dedicated fathers feel relaxed and pampered!!

Fathers’ day is a nice occasion to treat dedicated fathers/gentlemen to something special. How about one-hour full body massage (Choose from Shiatsu, Anma, Deep Tissue, Swedish massage etc.), or refreshing Men’s facial treatment?  Yes, we know even strong men sometimes need to escape from daily routine and stress! 

Father’s’ day Special

Men’s Facial (60min. Reg. $95) ……..15% off
One-hour Body Massage (Reg. $95) ……..15% off
Purchase effective by June 20th


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