VOL. 22, AUG 2004 : Lifting Facial Tones Facial Muscles

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August Sunday” Special 
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·  Our LIFTING FACIAL is featured in New York Magazine and it works WONDERS for your skin!


“Shock treatment”—The current standard in skin rejuvenation (07/19/2004 issue)
Yes, we use electric currents to stimulate your skin, and it is shockingly effective as the article reports. Treatment description is as follows:
Lifting Facial – 90 min.

SHIZUKA new york’s award winning lifting facial is an exciting new treatment that reaches below the surface of your skin. This high-tech treatment delays premature aging and restores a healthy and youthful glow. It firms and tones facial muscles, increases elasticity, smoothes lines and wrinkles and refines skin texture. Cell renewal is facilitated as it oxygenates and nourishes your skin to total rejuvenation. Beauty editor’s favorite treatment.

* with Shizuka $220

* with her associates $180


For who want to splurge, we recommend these specially formulated treatments.

Lifting Facial with MediLuxâ„¢ Photofacial

* with Shizuka $340

* with her associates $280

MediLuxâ„¢ Photofacial Treatment is a 3-5 treatment program that dramatically eliminates signs of sun damage, aging, and the redness of Rosacea, on the face , neck, arms and chest. Treatments take about half an hour and are best performed every three weeks. Results are usually achieved in five sessions. Alternatively, some clients have maintenance sessions 1-2 times a year after they finish the initial treatment series. The advantage of MediLuxâ„¢ Pulsed Light is that it can remove surface pigmentation and vascular lesions, while stimulating additional collagen formation to improve skin texture, reduce pores and minimize the appearance of fine facial wrinkles. This treatment can be combined with Lifting Facial or Lightening Facial as a complete anti-aging treatment finishing with soothing Collagen & Aloe Vera Fiber Mask and DCL YQStratum® cream.

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