VOL. 24, NOV 2004 : Relaxing Spa Body Treatments

How is everyone? We are currently in short supply of Flu vaccines. Prevention is the best medicine; however, how do you know if it is the Flu or just a cold? Public Information from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explains:

Symptoms  Cold  Flu
 Fever  Rare  Characteristic, high
(102-104°F); lasts 3-4 days
 Headache  Rare  Prominent
 General Aches, Pains  Slight  Usual; often severe
 Fatigue, Weakness  Quite mild  Can last up to 2-3 weeks
 Extreme Exhaustion  Never  Early and prominent
 Stuffy Nose  Common  Sometimes
 Sneezing  Usual  Sometimes
 Sore Throat  Common  Sometimes
 Chest Discomfort, – Cough  Mild to moderate;
Hacking cough
 Common; can become severe
 Complications  Sinus congestion
or earache

 Bronchitis, pneumonia; can be life-


 Prevention  None

 Annual vaccination; amantadine or   

 rimantadine (antiviral drugs)

 Treatment  Only temporary
relief of symptoms

 Amantadine or rimantadine within

 24-48 hours after onset of symptoms

Top Priority Groups for Flu Vaccine 
The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is recommending that the following groups get a flu vaccine this year:

· All children aged 6-23 months
· Adults aged > 65 years
· Persons aged 2-64 years with underlying chronic medical conditions
· All women who will be pregnant during the influenza season
· Residents of nursing homes and long-term care facilities
· Children aged 6 months-18 years on chronic aspirin therapy
· Health care workers involved in direct patient care
· Out-of-home caregivers and household contacts of children aged < 6 months

Happy Holidays to everyone! 

Body A-Peels!!! Get ready for Holiday Season!
Gain appealing decorte and back by Shizuka new york’s carefully formulated BODY PEEL and BACK TREATMENT! 

Body Peel 

Peeling agents and techniques used at SHIZUKA new york will be formulated according to your specific skin type. Body peeling treatments can be tailored to different regions of your body (especially back and decorte for your revealing sexy dress).
Skin peeling brightens, lightens, freshens and overall brings about a healthier, more youthful appearance. Priced accordingly.

Back Treatment – 60 min. 

Deep cleansing with special attention to acne breakouts involving the larger pores. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, and massage reduces muscle tension. Have clear skin and be relaxed at the same time! We will treat an area of your body that is so often neglected. * with Shizuka $160
* with her associates $130

Eyelash Perm – $60.00 

Wanna be an EYE-Opener at the party? Say good-bye to Eyelash curler!
Eyelash Perm $60 (weekend and weekday after 5pm)
Daytime special $50 (weekday daytime visit before 5pm)

Please book early!

* X’mas Package A: Basic Facial ($95) &1Hour Body Massage ($95)
====ONLY $152 (instead of $190)

* X’mas Package B : Micro Facial for TWO
====$208 for 2 Micro Facials for any two people at the same time
(friends, couples, mother & daughter, sisters, etc.) (regular fee is $260)

* Gift Certificates also are available at any dollar amount
such as $50, $100, $125 and so on,
and for any service such as a basic facial for $95

We also have special gift packages.
For more detail, please contact 212-644-7400 or E-mail:contact@shizukany.com/development 

<<New Salon Location from FEB. 2005>>

We are moving to a new location in March 2005 and to a much larger space that has been designed specifically for ShizukaNY!
Please stay tuned for exact opening date!
New Address: 7 W. 51st Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10019
Phone and Fax # will stay the same.

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