VOL. 27, JUL 2005 : Body Shaping and Nail Spa

We are moving to a bigger, brighter, more luxurious space on June 10th
and we will be offering additional services.

Our New address:
7 W. 51st Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10019 (bet. 5th & 6th Aves.)
Tel: 212-644-7400

Business hours:
For your convenience, we are open 7 days a week, 10:00am to 8:00pm
Or new salon will offer the latest and most effective customized
body shape courses, body treatments, sauna, nail and pedicure spa,
and a comfortable new lounge. 

Body Shape (Slimming) Course

Summer is coming, and are you ready for the beach?

Shizuka new york offers a wonderful body shaping course that helps reduce unwanted body fat. Body shape massages heighten metabolism, dispose of unnecessary substances from your fat cells, and tightens muscles. The treatment is most effective when combined with a Low Frequency Therapy, Hand massage, lymph drainage massage, and sauna.

Fat Burn (with manual hand massage) and Sauna 

Full Body 
$160/session 90 minutes (75 minute treatment, 15 minutes in Sauna)

Upper or Lower Body 
$90 /session 60 minutes (45 minute treatment, 15 minutes in Sauna)

Low Frequency Therapy, Sauna, and Foot or Hand Massage

Full Body 
$180/session 90 minutes (75 minute treatment, 15 minutes in Sauna)

Upper or Lower Body 
$100/session 60 minutes (45 minute treatment, 15 minutes in Sauna)

*For the best results, you should schedule 7 weekly sesions.
*A free consultation is required before starting this treatment.


Individual $40
Sauna Package $400 (11 times) good for half year
*Sauna is included for no charge as part of all our treatments.

Nail Spa

A colorful pedicure & manicure is essential for summer.

Spa Manicure $35
French Manicure $45
Spa Pedicure $65
French Pedicure $75
Spa Pedicure with 30 min. Reflexology $100

Body Treatments

Love your body? These body treatments will complete
your beauty regimen for a beach-ready body.

Body Scrub 30min. $80
Dead skin cells can cause the entire body surface to have a dull, rough, uneven texture. At Shizuka New York, Fine Granular Mineral Salt Scrubs and Japanese Rice Bran remove these dead cells, one body part at a time, to give your skin a younger, smoother look.

Aromatherapy Enzymatic
Seaweed Mud Body Wrap 60min. $150 

A body scrub, followed by Essential Oils of flowers and herbs, and an Enzymatic Seaweed Mud Body Wrap, give nourishment to the skin, and improve its circulation. This treatment helps tone cellulite and leaves the skin feeling smooth and revitalized. It is also the ideal therapy to reduce muscle tension and mental stress.

Aromatherapy Hydro Pack
for Sensitive and Sun-Damaged Skin 60 min. $150 

A body scrub followed by an intensive hydrating and stress-reducing treatment to soothe and thoroughly hydrate sensitive and/or dry skin. Aromatherapy helps reduce stress by addressing the sense of smell and touch and by penetrating deeply into the skin.

Back Treatment 60 min. $145 
Deep cleaning of enlarged pores on the back and treatment of acne breakouts. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and a back massage reduces muscle tension. Have clear skin and be relaxed at the same time!
We will provide special attention to a body area that is so often neglected.

Father’s Day Special discount

Please purchase by Father’s day June 19th, 2005,
and this is a good excuse for you to bring your loved one
for perfect glooming!

Father’s day Special for Him (A): Men’s Micro Facial ($130)
====ONLY $110

Father’s day Special for Him (B): 1 Hour Body Massage ($95)
====ONLY $80

Gift Certificates also are available at any dollar amount
such as $50, $100, $125 and so on,
and for any service such as a basic facial for $95.
We also have special gift packages.

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