VOL. 37, DEC 2006 : Happy Re-New Year: New Year Specials on Intese Pulsed Light

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Newsletter Vol. 37


Happy Re-New Year

The staff of Shizuka Day Spa NYC sends you its warmest greetings in this New Year that we are now officially naming the “Re-New” Year.  We hope that 2007 will be full of joy, prosperity, and renewal for you and your loved ones.

If you haven’t already made a list of Re-New Year’s resolutions, here are a few suggestions to round out your lists.  Find current specials below that will be good from January 2nd through February 28th, 2007.

IPL Hair Removal

Re-New Year’s Resolution #1:

Simplify my life.

Simplify your life this year with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal at Shizuka Day Spa NYC.  Avoid unattractive shaving nicks and the pain of waxing.  IPL hair removal is a safe and quick way to reduce unwanted hair in most areas of the body.  Now is the perfect time to start an IPL treatment schedule that will have you ready in time for the summer beach season.

Enjoy a 10% discount on all single IPL treatments until February 28th, 2007.  This promotion may not be combined with any other coupons or promotional offers, including IPL packages.  Please mention this newsletter to ensure you receive the discount.

For more information about IPL hair removal, and to view our pricing guide, please visit our website at Hait Removal.  Free consultations and patch tests are available to all first-time hair removal clients.

Re-New Year’s Resolution #2:

Put my best face forward.

Put your best face forward and fight the signs of aging and sun damage withShizuka Day Spa NYC’s Signature Anti-Aging Treatment.  Named New York Magazine’s “Best Anti-Aging Facial” in 2005, the Anti-Aging Treatment uses Intense Pulsed Light to reduce age and sun spots, broken capillaries, and boosts collagen formation in the skin.  This Photo Facial is highly effective when combined with Shizuka Day Spa NYC’s Lightening Facial and Wrinkle Buster Treatment.

Signature Anti-Aging Treatment

$220 (reg. $250)

Signature Anti-Aging Treatment with Wrinkle Buster

$300 (reg. $400)

Lightening with Photo Facial

$270 (reg. $300)

Body Treatments and Massage NYC

Re-New Year’s Resolution #3:

Be open to trying new things.


The following are new additions to Shizuka Day Spa NYC’s spa menu for 2007.  Go ahead and try something new this Re-New Year!

Coffee Break $200 (reg. $225)*

The Coffee Break Mud Wrap Body Treatment begins with the application of a unique scrub that does double duty as a therapeutic mud.  The scrub’s active ingredients include finely ground Arabica coffee, Indian tobacco, honey extract, and black silt clay. The scrub simultaneously sloughs dead skin cells and allows the other beneficial ingredients to go to work, drawing impurities and cellulite-inducing water from the skin.

The Coffee Break body treatment is a perfect way to get your caffeine fix while toning, detoxifying, and refining the skin.

*Coffee Break promotional price is valid through 02/28/07 and may not be combined with any other coupons or promotional offers.

Luxury Massage Packages (prices vary)

For massage enthusiasts, we are now offering discounted packages of three treatments for all massage NYC services.  These packages can be purchased at any time and hold their full value for one year.  Prices do not include tax and gratuity.  For more information about our Luxury Massage Program, please visit our website at Message Therapy.

3 50-Min. Swedish/Shiatsu Massages

$279 (reg. $315)

3 50-Min. Deep Tissue Massages

$306 (reg. $345)

3 50-Min. Hot Stone Massages

$333 (reg. $375)

3 50-Min. Omedeta Maternity Massages

$333 (reg. $375)

Upgrade Your Facial

SHIZUKA new york’s Facial Upgrades are a great way to customize your spa experience and target specific skin issues. Our estheticians are happy to consult with you to create the ideal treatment for you.

Collagen Mask


The Collagen Mask is a perfect indulgence on the day of an important event or if you just want to look great.  It helps to reduce redness and leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple.  Add it to the Express Facial, Crystal Peel, or Wrinkle Buster for an extra boost of collagen.

Enzyme Peels


Enzyme peels gently exfoliate the outermost layers of the skin leaving it softer and glowing.  The Pumpkin Enzyme Peel helps to address oily and acneic skin, while the Environmental Defense Enzyme Mask combats the hyperpigmentation associated with aging skin with a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants.  Add an Enzyme Peel to an Express Facial or Wrinkle Buster treatment.



Releasing clogged pores can dramatically improve the look and texture of the skin.  Add Extraction to Wrinkle Buster.

Wrinkle Buster

$80 combined with any other facial

Wrinkle Buster uses Light Emitting Diodes to stimulate collagen formation in the skin without damaging it.  It also helps to reduce redness and inflammation after IPL procedures and Microdermabrasion.  Because it is so gentle, Wrinkle Buster can be added on to any Shizuka Day Spa NYC Facial Treatment.

Re-New Year’s Resolution #4:

Conserve my resources.

10% Sundays are back!  Save 10% on all services every Sunday until February 28th, 2007.  This includes all facials, nails, massage, eyelash, and hair removal treatments.  This promotion may not be combined with any other coupons or promotional offers, including packages.  Please mention the promotion when booking and checking out to ensure you receive the discount.

New Business Hours

The following hours are effective as of January 2nd, 2007.  Please note that the spa office will also be closed on Mondays.

Tuesday – Friday
10am – 9pm
10am – 8pm
11am – 6pm


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