VOL. 8, FEB 2002 : Discounted Facial Treatments

How have you been? As expected, we are having another warm winter in New York. Despite global warming, many are still having problems with dry lips, finger tips and heels. If you are one of those people who are suffering from dryness during the winter, we have some useful tips.● 5 Minute Treatment for Lips 1.  Gently apply to areas of mild chapping with Skin Prep Scrub (Dermalogica) on any fine facial skin scrub to smooth away dead skin debris. (Do not do this if your chapping is severe i.e. if your lips are chapped or bleeding.)

★ Skin Prep Scrub (Dermalogica) 0.75 oz $9.50, 2.5oz $ 25.00 

2.  Apply a generous amount of MultiVitamin Power Firm for eye and lip area (Dermalogica) to deep-moisturize your skin, as well as combat premature aging in the region around your mouth. This product is a potent cocktail of antioxidant vitamins, firming extracts and protective silicones.

★ Multivitamin Power Firm for Eye & Lip Area (Dermalogica) 0.5 oz $42.00 

3.  Seal it all in with Climate Control (Dermalogica) at night and Solar Shield SPF 15 (Dermalogica) during the day. With their long-lasting protection, they are a must for daily use – especially if you work in air-conditioned rooms, fly frequently, or ski.

★ Climate Control (Dermalogica) 0.75 oz $29.50
★ Solar Shield SPF 15 (Dermalogica) .28oz $9.50 

Unlike mineral oil, lanoline or petrolatum products, which only coat the skin superficially and do little for deep-hydration, this treatment helps to heel dryness at its root. 

● If you don’t have that 5 min…

1.   Obtain a Chap Stick that is wax or silicone based.

2.   Use it as often as possible.

3.   Don’t forget to use the Chap Stick before you apply lipstick.
When you use face scrub, do not forget your lips as well.

4.   Apply Vitamin E oil capsule (open the capsule with scissors) as soon as you come out from shower or bath (when your skin is maximally hydrated) so that the penetration will be better.

5.   Apply a thick layer of SHIZUKA new york’s silicon based Cemistri, or Vaseline before you go to bed.

★ Cemistri (SHIZUKA new york) 8 oz $19.00 

● For Fingers, Cuticles and Heels

1.   Use Hydro-Active Mineral Salts (Dermalogica) or Body Scrub all over your body frequently and don’ forget to use it on your fingertips and heels.

★ Hydro-Active Mineral Salts (Dermalogica) 10 oz $23.00 

2.   Use a pumice stone with little bit of Conditioning Body Wash (Dermalogica) on your heels & finger tip cuticles for 2 to 3 min. every time you take a shower or bath. Please avoid using a harsh soap.

★ Conditioning Body Wash (Dermalogica) 7.5 oz $22.00, 16 oz $35.00 

3.   Apply Vitamin E Oil (open the capsule with scissors) to your fingers and heels after taking a shower or bath.

4.   Apply Cemistri (SHIZUKA new york) or Vaseline to your hands and heels, when you go to bed or watch TV. For best results wear cotton gloves and socks to increase the effectiveness of the moisturizer.

5.   Try to avoid using anti-bacterial soap when you wash your hands. These products are generally too strong for the skin.

6.   Apply MultiVitamin Hand and Nail (Dermalogica) or another effective non-sticky hand lotion, so you can use as often as you like during the day, especially after your hands have been in water.

★ MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment (Dermalogica) 2.5 oz $19.50 

7.   Try not using hot water when you wash your hands and body. Use lukewarm water instead.

8.   Have a professional manicure and pedicure to remove excess cuticles and callas.

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