VOL. 9, MAY 2002 : A Balanced Diet = Healthy Skin

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●   Health and beauty require a balanced diet. Be careful of diets that are too restrictive and omit essential nutrients.
●   Summer is coming! It’s time to get rid of your unwanted hair.
●   Spring campaign with a 10% discount!

★Health and beauty require a balanced diet. Be careful of diets that are too restrictive and omit essential nutrients. 

Protein-rich diets have become very popular in the U.S. For example, people eat hamburgers and bacon for breakfast, with not a carbohydrate in sight! So many people are getting caught up in the protein diet craze. Do super-quick weight loss programs that claim that you can still gorge on meat and cheese seems too good to be true? Remember the old saying that “if something is too good to be true, it probably is.” Medical professionals and nutritionists point out that these diets are a fallacy.

The initial weight loss that you feel when you strictly limit carbohydrate intake is actually only due to water loss. You may think you’re a few pounds lighter, but you haven’t really lost any weight.

Protein, pound-for-pound, has the same number of calories as carbohydrates. Fat has even more. Therefore, eating fatty meats instead of low-fat, balanced diet may derail your weight loss plans altogether.

Excessive consumption of protein over a long period of time can also leave you with several unsavory side effects, such as:

— Elevated “bad” cholesterol levels (remember all that bacon and cheese)
— Increased blood pressure (fruits, veggies and whole grains help lower it)
— Calcium loss, resulting in bone thinning (excess protein strips calcium from the body)

The “not hungry” feeling experienced when you limit carbohydrates is actually the body’s natural starvation response. You may not “feel” so, but your body is hungry. Quitting carbohydrates can leave you feeling tired, cranky and malnourished.

Since many of the latest fad diets tend to be very restrictive, they don’t result in long-term behavior modification. Most people who lose weight in the short term with these programs, inevitably put it back on.

Eating a balanced diet of proteins, unprocessed carbohydrates—and lots of fruits and veggies—is a good place to start, but the key to fulfilling any long-term weight loss goal is a regular exercise regimen.

★Summer is coming! It’s time to get rid of your unwanted hair.

The time to wear sleeveless shirts and short pants is imminent. Now is the time to start laser hair removal. SHIZUKA new york uses Diode Laser Hair System, which is based on Super Long-Pulse Technology. It enables treating all skin types- even tanned skin and Asian skin types.

★We have reduced the price of your first session!

We used to charge a higher price for the first session than for the second and subsequent sessions for Laser Hair Removal. Now we have changed our pricing so that your first session is the same price as the subsequent sessions. For example, bikini area treatment previously cost $300 for the first session, but it now costs $225!, a Full back treatment was $900, is now $675.

★Spring campaign with a 10% discount!

SHIZUKA new york is continuing to offer a 10% discount on facials or crystal peels to customers who visit us before 4:00 pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

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