Eyelash Perm NYC


Japanese Eyelash Perm at Shizuka New York Day Spa

Toss out that cumbersome eyelash curler! An Eyelash Perm from our NYC spa is a safe and effective way to keep your lashes curly all the time.

Our unique eyelash perm technique is authentically Japanese, imported from one of Tokyo’s hottest eyelash perm salons. Shizuka New York Day Spa’s eyelash perm is proven to create a lasting curl in the most gentle way possible.

An eyelash perm from our NYC spa can dramatically open up the look of the eye area and give the appearance of longer and fuller lashes, even before mascara.
Before and after our eyelash perm NYC.

Eyelash Perm FAQ

Are eyelash perms safe?

Yes. Our technique and eyelash perm solution have been refined over a decade to work consistently and gently on your lashes. You should beware of the cheap eyelash perms out there (ex. Chinatown NYC) where the quick methods and harsh solutions can risk damaging your lashes.

How long does an eyelash perm last?

Despite the name, eyelash perms are not permanent. The results of an eyelash perm typically last 4-6 weeks, or the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes. When the permed eyelashes naturally fall out, the new eyelash hair will grow in straight (as it was before your eyelash perm).

What should I expect during my eyelash perm?

Before your eyelash perm, you will be asked to remove your contact lenses and eye makeup (complimentary makeup remover, lens solution and temporary lens cups are available in our makeup lounge).

One of Shizuka NY’s skilled technicians will discuss with you how intense or relaxed you want your eyelash perm to be. Depending on your preferences, the technician will select a set of custom-made eyelash perm rollers that will be gently and temporarily affixed to your eyelids. The eyelashes will then be curled over the rollers using our eyelash perm solution.

During your eyelash perm, which takes approximately 1 hour, you may lay back and relax, and take in the sounds of our soothing spa music, or bring your own iPod. However, you will need to keep your eyes closed and relaxed for the duration of the treatment for the best eyelash perm results.

How should I care for my eyelashes after an eyelash perm?

Similar to a regular hair perm, try to avoid wetting your eyelashes for 4 hours after your eyelash perm. We recommend applying Eyelash Conditioner to the eyelashes daily. Conditioning eyelash gel and mascara is available in the spa, by phone, and through our online store. Using Eyelash Conditioner regularly will ensure that your lashes stay healthy.

Eyelash Perm Pricing

There is a daytime special available for our NYC eyelash perm Monday – Friday before 4pm*. This promotion may not be combined with any other coupons or offers.

* Eyelash Perm will be lunch time price when you check in by 3:30pm.
Eyelash Perm $80
     Lunchtime Special (Mon – Fri before 4pm) $70
     Top and Bottom Eyelash Perm +$30

Eyelash Perm Appointments

To schedule an Eyelash Perm appointment at Shizuka New York Day Spa, please make an appointment online or call (212) 644-7400.