Female, Oily, Tan-Dark Skin Needs Anti-Aging Ionizing, Lightening Facial

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You are a Female with Oily/Combination Skin interested in Anti-Aging Skin Care, specifically in Brightening & Lightening the skin, and with Tan to Dark Complexion. (Back | Start Over)

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Ionizing Facial

Light microdermabrasion enhances ionic skin brightening, in which gentle ionic stimulation allows skin-lightening agents to penetrate deeply. This facial also includes cleansing with my all-natural skin care products, pore extraction to refine oily/combination skin, and a brightening collagen mask.

80 min, $230


Lightening Facial

This facial features ionic skin brightening (no microdermabrasion as in above), cleansing, exfoliation, pore extraction, and a brightening collagen mask.

80 min, $180



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