Crystal Peel (Microdermabrasion) vs. Chemical Peel, which one’s right for you?


For smoother, brighter, and younger looking skin, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels are two go-to methods that effectively “peel” away signs of aging. While each treatment method is different, both effectively help to eliminate wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (sun & age spots), enlarged pores, and blemishes.

Peels are specialized exfoliation treatments that, conveniently, have little or no down time. Peels may be repeated every 2-3 weeks  until the desired effect is reached.

For optimum rejuvenation and to increase your skin’s health and vibrancy, peels are recommended once a month to coincide with its natural and continual 4-5 week renewal process.

DIY products can be used at home, but they are less potent than professional-grade peels. Read on for a treatment guide by Shizuka New York’s skin experts:

Go for a Crystal Peel (Microdermabrasion) if your skin is:

–           Acne-prone

–           Oily

–          Thick

–          Sun-damaged (brown spots)

A fine crystal powder blasts across the skin’s surface to physically break up and exfoliate dead skin while a suction simultaneously vacuums the powder and dead skin away from the face revealing a new “polished” layer of skin.

Crystal Peels are ideal for unclogging pores and freeing skin from bacteria that may be lurking on the surface. If you have acne, it’s best to stay away from Crystal Peels since the procedure is likely to spread bacteria across the face. Crystal Peels are also NOT recommended if you have sensitive skin, broken capillaries, or rosacea (see IPL below).

At Shizuka New York, our Crystal Peel treatment includes a light layer of salicylic or lactic acid (depending on your skin type) to soften the skin’s surface for the microdermabrasion to follow. This customized prep allows for a very thorough and complete exfoliation process.

Go for a Chemical Peel if your skin is:


-Blotchy (uneven complexion)

Chemical Peels utilize an acid solution combining TCA, Salicylic and Lactic acids to break down and exfoliate dead skin cells for removal.  Chemical Peels are recommended for all skin types, especially acneic skin as it lifts away bacteria that has settled into pores. They also lighten brown spots promoting an even complexion.

At Shizuka New York we offer two chemical peels: Lunchtime Peel & Total Skin Rejuvenation. The Lunchtime Peel has very little or no downtime. If minor peeling/flaking occurs, make up may be used to conceal it. The Total Skin Rejuvenation treatment will cause peeling/flaking of the skin for 5-7 days.

DIY Chemical Peel products~

Glycolic Refining Peel (2.5 oz)

Glycolic Purifying Peel (2.5 oz)

Chem-Free Options:

If you have sensitive skin, Enzyme Peels offer a gentler alternative to Chemical Peels. They’re contracted from fruit enzymes and work the same way Crystal and Chemical Peels do but are much milder.  You can add on a customized Enzyme Peel to any Shizuka New York facial treatment for $30.

DIY Enzyme Peel products~

Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel (1.7 oz)


Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel (1.7 oz)


We also offer IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) which penetrates deeper layers of skin, or dermis, than peels. Short pulses of light target broken capillaries, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation (sun and age spots) while leaving the skin’s surface intact. IPL also aids in skin rejuvenation as it stimulates collagen production.




Post-peel skin care:

Whether you choose a Peel or IPL, it’s highly recommended to apply sunscreen before going outdoors, both to protect your new skin and the treatment’s results.

The application of Epidermal Growth Factor gel is also highly recommended for advanced healing. EGF gel aids new skin generation with nourishing hydration, while preventing excessive peeling/flaking.




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Last minute Ideas from myCULTURE Magazine’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

myCULTURE Magazine features Shizuka new york’s Men’s Spa in their 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Our Men’s Spa offers relaxing and customizable services for facials, massages, body treatments, and more.







 For Father’s Day, give the gift of total relaxation with a Men’s facial at Shizuka. It’s an indulgence they might not think to treat themselves to, but totally worth it. Shizuka delivers excellent men’s facials and massages.

Price: $105-$115, pending on service

Visit Shizuka: 7 W. 51st St., 6th Floor New York, NY 10019. (212) 644-7400

“Owner and master-aesthetician, Shizuka Bernstein was born in Tokyo. A former dance instructor, Shizuka discovered her passion for skin care after emigrating from Japan to the United States and marrying prominent Manhattan dermatologist and hair restoration specialist, Dr. Robert Bernstein. Shizuka Bernstein is in high demand as a master facialist and skin care expert. Her artful technique has been singled out by many publications including New York Magazine which has featured her as a “Skin Care Guru.”



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Wintertime Promos

Even though Black Friday is just weeks away, there are still great bargains to be had beforehand. regularly showcases discounted buys on popular gifts and winter garments. As the weather gets cooler, it’s important to bundle up to protect your skin from the brittle elements, especially if you receive IPL Hair Removal treatments during our November promotion.

After receiving an IPL treatment it’s important to protect and keep the treated area(s) covered to prevent irritation and further redness from occurring.




>> We love hearing from you! How has protecting your treatment area helped it to heal?



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Recent Press for Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial

We’re gearing up for Spa Steals week at SHIZUKA NY, April 16th – 22nd, 2012!  Check out our most recent press featuring Shizuka and our popular Geisha “bird poop” Facial with Ben Aaron of LXTV NBC!


Also, check out a new segment featuring Shizuka on VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live airing Tuesday April 17th, 2012 at 10am!


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All Hail the Queen!

In her new movie Mirror Mirror, based on Brothers Grimm’s “Snow White” fairy tale, actress Julia Roberts plays the all- organic-beauty-regimen-obsessed evil Queen. To keep herself young and “the fairest of them all” the Queen partakes of nature’s finest:  snails, scorpion and bee stings (lip plumper), slimy worm moisturizer, and bird poop facials!


While we’ve never used worms, snails (or any other insects!) as part of a beauty regimen, we do applaud the use of bird poop for softer brighter skin!

SHIZUKA NY is the creator of the ever-popular                Geisha “bird poop” Facial. This facial uses traditional and natural Japanese ingredients, including uguisu no fun (powdered nightingale droppings), to soften, brighten and nourish the facial complexion. Uguisu no fun is perfectly safe as it’s sanitized through exposure to ultraviolet light before being milled to a fine powder.






Wondering what all the royal hype is about? Request a Geisha Facial® appointment now by calling (212) 644-7400

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Want Beautiful Skin this Winter? No Sweat!

We all know that a good workout is healthy for our bodies, but did you know a good sweat is just as good for the health of your skin? When you sweat, your pores open up allowing the sweat to carry impurities like bacteria, dead skin cells and toxins from environmental pollution up and out of your pores. One way to give your skin an intense “sweat cleanse” is through hot yoga. Classes are usually 90 minutes long and take place in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, so your pores get a good cleansing (while you simultaneously work on increasing flexibility and muscular strength, of course).

If you want to sweat without the physical activity, check out far infrared saunas. Unlike traditional steam saunas, infrared saunas use the same rays that come from the sun, with the UV rays filtered out. The infrared light heats you up from the inside out, leading you to sweat out impurities while you relax and decompress. We offer 1 hour private infrared sauna sessions that include a steam shower at your perusal. Plan on recurring appointments? Purchase 10 sessions up front, and get the 11th on us!


Check out more information about our Far Infrared Sauna here >>

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Make them go “Ooh la la” this New Year!

Kardashian Khaos Grand Opening – December 15, 2011


Ever wondered what you’d look like with Kim Kardashian lashes?






Our Full Set with frequent touch ups won’t give you that exact “falsy” lash look but we can get you pretty darn close!Before and After

Shizuka NY Eyelash Extensions Before and After w/ Full Set

See our current Spa Deals here >>

Check our Eyelash Extension page for maintenance guidelines and FAQs >>


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Reminder from Shizuka

Hello Clients,

I would like to remind you that our excellent massage therapist, Gary, is offering his time to SHIZUKA new york.

Experienced massage therapist Gary’s healing hands have been featured in Sports Illustrated for his work on US Open athletes. Gary offers the following specials:

Lunch Time Shiatsu Massage 

Mon – Thurs / 11am – 2pm (this service must be finished by 2pm)

25 Min – $50 (reg. $65)
35 Min – $60 (reg. $85)
50 Min – $80 (reg. $105)
TGIF Swedish Massage /3pm to 8pm on every Friday

25 Min – $50 (reg. $65)
50 Min – $80 (reg. $105)

Please take advantage of this promotion.  More information about our newest promotion, please find at Spa Deal.

From Shizuka


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Skin Care, Ins and Outs

Check out the latest mention of our Halloween Week Special – Geisha facial here! There’s still time to take advantage of our exclusive Halloween Week spa deals. So hurry, offers end October 31st, 2011!

While the idea of a daily facial seems unlikely, especially for those constantly on the go, there are a couple things you can do daily to keep your skin happy and healthy this season.

As the weather gets cooler and the air dryer, it’s important to remain mindful of the foods we eat. It’s difficult to determine the exact correlation certain foods have on skin conditions, but for most, a slight change in the way we eat can bring a drastic improvement to our skin. Samantha Heller, MS, RD, a clinical nutritionist at NYU Medical Center in New York City, says, “Everything you eat becomes a part of not only your inner being, but the outer fabric of your body as well. The healthier the foods are that you consume, the better your skin will look”.

To ensure you’re getting enough essential vitamins to nourish your skin from the inside out, we’ve compiled a list of seasonal winter foods to look out for the next time you go grocery shopping. For ultimate skin protection, we’ve paired them with our vitamin-infused topical serums and potions for a customized mini-facial everyday!


Reduce wrinkles, curb inflammation, improve skin tone, increase collagen levels: Eat foods rich in Vitamin C like sweet potatoes, red peppers, pineapple, oranges, and dark green leafy vegetables. Vitamin C is best known to strengthen your immune system but can also protect your skin’s cells and tissues from premature aging. Apply our Vitamin C Power Gel for a Vitamin C boost and Beech Tree & Ginseng Daily Moisturizer.

Soft, smooth, radiant skin: Eat foods rich in Vitamin E like fortified cereals, almonds, turnip greens, tomatoes, pine nuts, and avocado. Vitamin E helps fight off toxins in your body and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Build up anti-aging defense mechanisms in your skin, even skin tone, reduce skin irritation and itchiness: Eat foods rich with Beta Carotene like carrots, pumpkins, squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli and spinach. Beta Carotene promotes cell growth and increases immunity. Apply Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel to naturally exfoliate dead skin cells, and for mature skin apply Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel which is infused with both Beta Carotene and Vitamin C.

Reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles and skin discoloration: Eat foods rich in Vitamin K like olive oil, scallions, Brussels sprouts, kale, asparagus, broccoli, and pears. Vitamin K plays an important role in blood clotting and bone health but also helps heal skin discolorations and scarring. Apply Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum to under eye circles and our Anti-Redness Gel (also infused with Vitamins C and E) to reduce the appearance of redness and small capillaries.

Smoother, naturally hydrated skin: Eat foods with Hyaluronic Acid like fish and poultry. Hyalauronic Acid helps to hydrate and tightly bond skin cells together. Apply our Hyaluronic Acid Gel for deep skin hydration and Glycolic Purifying Peel for both exfoliation and hydration, for normal to oily skin.

Healthy glowing skin: Eat foods rich in complex B vitamins like whole grains, poultry, fish, and eggs. B vitamins helps build healthy cells and can help even out skin tone.


Check out our current Spa Deals here>>

Can’t make it to the spa? Check out our online store>>



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Halloween Week Spa Specials

Hey Shizuka NY Insiders!

With Halloween right around the corner, you’ll scream at these Halloween Week Specials, good October 24th – 31st, 2011. Appointments are going fast, so reserve your spa TREATment now by requesting an appointment online, or calling (212) 644-7400.

Geisha Facial®, $90 (Reg $180) Save 50%!

Halloween beauty never looked so good! Save a whopping 50% on this exclusive facial, seen on TV broadcasts and magazines internationally for harnessing the unique Japanese geisha tradition of cleansing the skin with nightingale droppings. This 50 min. facial also includes cleansing and light pore extraction using products from the all-natural Shizuka New York Skin Care System, a camellia oil facial massage and a green tea Collagen Mask.

Gel Nail Manicure – solid color, $38 (Reg $50)

Show off your Halloween spirit with our solid color Presto LED gel nails. Better yet, bring in a sample of your costume and let us create a custom color just for you. Mix things up a bit with festive stamps, hand drawing and glitter for an additional $10 and up.

50 min. Shiatsu or Swedish Massage , $80 (Reg $105)

Almost as sweet as a bagful of candy, our Shiatsu and Swedish massages will leave you feeling rejuvenated minus the empty calories! Treat your body and spirit to a 50 min. massage by one of our highly skilled massage therapists.

Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel , 1.7 Fl oz/50mL – $56

If you don’t feel like carving pumpkins this year but still want to indulge your festive side, try Naturopathica’s best selling Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel. By utilizing pumpkins’ powerful carotenoid antioxidant qualities, this refining peel is formulated to slough away dead skin cells for a clean, clear and radiant complexion. For an additional $30, sample it by asking your esthetician to add it to your favorite facial (already included in some). Or, simply take some home for yourself and let your skin glow like a jack-o-lantern all year round!

Spa deals are available October 24th – 31st, 2011. Schedule your appointment now by using our online request form or call (212) 644-7400.

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween!


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News letter update! Vol. 101: The After Summer Issue

Hello Shizuka new york fans 😉

Our current news letters has been updated!

(Don’t forget to subscribe for our deals and updates! –> Click here)



Please check out the News letter Vol. 101 and book your appointments with latest deals!

After Summer Spa Deals:

Through October 31, 2011

Express Facial (40min) – $60 (Reg. $95)

The Express Facial cleanses the pores with signature all-natural products from Shizuka NY. If you’d like to enhance this facial, try adding an Enzyme Peel, Extra Extraction and/or Collagen Mask. Please ask our receptionists for prices.

Lightening Facial (80min) – $140 (Reg. $180)

The Lightening Facial is the perfect marriage of pore cleansing and skin brightening, reducing the appearance of dark spots.

IPL Spot Treatment – $150 and up (Reg. $200 and up)

The IPL Spot Treatment focuses primarily on reducing hyperpigmentation on specific areas of the skin with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

Spa deals are available through October 31, 2011.** Schedule your appointment now by using our online request form (promo code: summer) or call (212) 644-7400.

The end of Summer brings our Shiatsu Lunch Special to a close. The last day to save up to 30% on this popular spa treatment will be September 30th, 2011. Our Brazilian Bikini Wax and Eyelash Perm Lunch Specials will be ongoing.

**Spa Deals may not be combined with any other coupons or promotions, including Spa Finder gift Certificates.





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Shizuka NY Celebrates 100 Spa Newsletters

The 100th Edition of our spa newsletter is truly the best yet, featuring exclusive spa deals and the best skin care tips from our first 99 newsletters.

100th Newsletter Spa Deals good through September 5th, 2011:
Signature Micro Facial – $120 (Reg. $160)
Nagomi Manicure & Sakura Pedicure – $80 (Reg. $100)
Eyelash Extensions – $200 (Reg. $250)

Get your appointment by using our online request form (promo code: 100) or calling (212) 644-7400.

Become a Shizuka NY Insider today by joining our mailing list!

More spa deals like these >>


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Shizuka New York Day Spa in Time Out NY

Shizuka New York Day Spa in Time Out New York

Shizuka New York Day Spa is featured in the current issue of Time Out New York in “Convenient Pampering.”

TONY lists the best spa deals that can easily be squeezed into a busy NYC schedule, including Shizuka New York Day Spa’s lunchtime spa deals on Japanese-style shiatsu massage and Brazilian bikini waxing.

You’ll want to inhale your turkey sandwich at your desk, so you can sneak off to this midtown haven for a mind-numbing shiatsu massage…The golden-hued space is run by aesthetician Shizuka Bernstein, who incorporates elements from her native country of Japan—for instance, you’ll be provided with a yukata, or lightweight kimono, to wear, and receive herbal green tea and rice snacks posttreatment. The latter should help you avoid experiencing afternoon slump later on at your desk.

More spa deals like these >>

[Time Out New York, August 11-17, 2011]


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Father’s Day Deals

Father’s Day is June 19, 2011.

Treat Dad to relaxation and rejuvenation with a soothing treatment from Shizuka New York Day Spa and take 15% off all men’s facials and massages June 13-26.

If you make an appointment for yourself with Dad, you can also enjoy 15% off any of our spa facials and massages.

Also, enjoy free shipping on all Shizuka New York Day Spa gift certificates when you order online.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dedicated dads out there!

Learn more and request an appointment >>

More spa deals like this one >>


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Get a Half-Priced Bird Poop Facial

The bird poop facial at Shizuka New York Day Spa uses powdered nightingale droppings to cleanse and brighten the skin

Get our famous Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial at 50% off the regular price April 11-17, 2011.

The Geisha Facial® has been featured on television programs internationally as well as People Magazine,, and more, for using powdered nightingale droppings to cleanse and brighten the skin.

Normally $180, Shizuka New York Day Spa is offering the Geisha Facial® for $90 (50% off!) during a week of spa steals that also include deals on Shiatsu and Swedish massage, and 10% off the treatment of your choice when combined with a spa steal.

Get your appointment for a half-priced bird poop facial today by using our online request form (Promo Code: Spa Steals) or calling (212) 644-7400.

More spa deals like this one >>


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Another Great Bird Poop Facial Video

Bird Poop Facial at Shizuka New York Day SpaCheck out this new video of our bird poop facial that just hit the internet today! We had a lot of fun shooting this footage and the results were fantastic. Have you tried the bird poop facial yet? Should we have a Geisha Facial® sale next month?


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Save Over 20% on Photofacials in March

Best Facial in New York MagazineCombat the signs of aging with our incredibly popular Signature Anti-Aging Photofacial and save over 20% in March. Normally $275, this photofacial treatment is available for $240 (over 20% discount) March 1-31, 2011.

Our Signature Anti-Aging Photofacial has been voted Best Facial in New York Magazine. It uses intense pulsed light to reduce hyperpigmentation (age spots & sun damage) and broken capillaries, and to stimulate facial rejuvenation and collagen production in the skin.

Use our convenient online appointment request form to take advantage of this great spa deal today (Online Promo Code: “Spring Forward”)


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4 Hours of Spa Bliss for $250

This March, we at Shizuka New York Day Spa are pleased to offer one of our most popular spa packages at an even better deal than normal.

The Total Body Spa Package, valued at $285, is available for $250 March 1-31, 2011.

Including a detoxifying Infrared Sauna session, a 50-Minute Swedish Massage, Classic Facial, Classic Manicure & Pedicure, this spa package is the perfect break from your hectic life.

Use our convenient online appointment request form (use the Promo Code “Spring Forward”) and you will soon be on your way to 4 hours of relaxation and rejuvenation!


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March Madness at Shizuka NY

March is hair removal month at Shizuka New York Day Spa. Save 15% when you treat more than one area with intense pulsed light hair removal for men and women during March.

The possible combos are endless, so take a big step toward a smoother you with this great special. When requesting an appointment online, please use the promo code “March Madness.”


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11 Spa Deals for 2011

NYC Spa Deals

If you’re still recovering from the holiday season, take advantage of these awesome spa deals to ring in the new year. Shizuka New York Day Spa is offering 11 spa deals on our most popular facials, massage, body, eyelash and nail treatments through January 31, 2011.

Learn more about our 11 spa deals here >>


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