Shizuka New York on MTV’s Buckwild!

Shizuka New York on MTV’s Buckwild

Shizuka New York was featured in the episode “From the Mud to Manhattan” which aired April 14th, 2013 on the MTV reality show, Buckwild!


Bird Poop Beauty Video


Geisha Facial® at Shizuka New York Day SpaCheck out this great Geisha Facial® video courtesy of Chinese TV Better Body and Soul. What we love the most about this is that the reporter’s skin continued to improve throughout the week after her bird poop facial at Shizuka New York Day Spa!

This video is primarily in Chinese with English subtitles.
[Better Body & Soul]


Another Great Bird Poop Facial Video

Bird Poop Facial at Shizuka New York Day SpaCheck out this new video of our bird poop facial that just hit the internet today! We had a lot of fun shooting this footage and the results were fantastic. Have you tried the bird poop facial yet? Should we have a Geisha Facial® sale next month?


SNL – Bird Poop Facials & Turtle Poop?

A recent episode of Saturday Night Live included a sketch titled “Spa Talk with Tyla Yonders.” In the skit, Yonders (played by Kristen Wiig) attempts to bring serenity to her guests with bird poop facials, and even turtle poop facials!


Bird Poop Facial and Fish Pedicure on ABC News [VIDEO]

Weird Spa Treatments

The Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial was on ABC News Now  Health on July 8, 2010. Also included in this segment titled “Bizarre Beauty Secrets” was the wacky Fish Pedicure where tiny garra rufa fish literally nibble the dead skin off your feet.

Bizarre Beauty Secrets was hosted by ABC’s Tanya Rivero and also featured Dr. Susan Evans, a Los Angeles dermatologist. Other weird beauty rituals shown were leech therapy and skin care treatments made of volcanic ash, beer, and papaya.

Shizuka Bernstein of Shizuka New York Day Spa was invited on set to view the taping and you can also see her behind the scenes photos on this blog!

If you still haven’t done it, you can enter to win a FREE BIRD POOP FACIAL through today!


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