Good Day New York Covers The Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial

Spa Week in New York City

Spa Week in New York City includes the Geisha Bird Poop Facial

Spa Week in New York City officially starts next week (April 13-19, 2009) and it includes about 160 of the best spas in Manhattan offering lavish treatments for just $50, and on the spa week menu this week there is the Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial.  Yes, in pampering, poop happens!

Feeling beautiful feels even better during Spa Week in New York City…serious luxury and serious savings.  “We’re seeing that a lot of the high end spas have no problems offering discounted massages and facials for consumers on a budget,” says Lindsey Gockenbach of Spa Week.

One of the hottest items for spa week may ruffle your feathers.  Located in Midtown Manhattan, Shizuka New York Day Spa’s Bird Poop Facial is all the rage.  But don’t worry, this is not pigeon poo compliments of Central Park.  “We use nightingale droppings from Japan to exfoliate and cleanse the skin,” says owner Shizuka Bernstein.

“It just feels really good, but doesn’t smell at all,” says a regular Bird Poop Facial client.

Posh and Becks are fans of this “crappy” facial as well as reporter Anne Craig who found out right before her wedding that this facial is the poop!  “My skin was the softest ever,” says Craig.

Posh & Becks are Fans of the Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial

Normally this facial treatment would cost about $200, but during Spa Week in New York City it’s $50.

New York Spa Week appointments book up fairly quickly, and to find a complete list of spas and treatments, visit  “I suggest the Bird Poop Facial…I really do love it!”

Geisha “Bird Poop” Facial, Fox News Anne Craig: “I suggest the Bird Poop Facial…I really do love it!”

Reported by Anne Craig

April 8, 2009

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