New York Times: City Room Reports on Ingredients in the Geisha Facial®

Relax! That White Powder Is Just Salt

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Hey, Center for Consumer Freedom, great idea sending containers of white powder to a newsroom. (The shaker sent to City Room spilled salt all over an editor’s desk when the box was opened. Into the trash!) [Diner’s Journal]

The owner of Vox Pop, the coffee shop in Ditmas Park that was forced to shut down its food and beverage operations, addresses the Department of Health’s concerns. [Brownstowner]

Tucker Carlson continues to bash Jon Stewart for bashing Jim Cramer and CNBC. And Jeff Zucker, the head of NBC Universal, isn’t happy with Mr. Stewart, either. [The Daily Beast, PaidContent]

Police, take note: Tyra Banks is setting up another casting call for America’s Next Top Model. [The Cut]

Gawker seems to be stalking the latest subway hero. [Gawker]

Even after Tuesday’s New York Post’s cover, Alex Rodriguez continues to overexpose himself. [Bats]

The Times’s building climber No. 2, David Malone, has pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. [Huffington Post]

You’ll have to contend with celebrities to get a reservation, but your pennies will be well spent on Minetta Tavern’s $26 burger. [Zagat Buzz]

If you liked the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch,” you’ll love “Fish Work,” a photo exhibition of salmon and crab fishermen risking their lives for seafood lovers everywhere. [The Feedbag]

Looking at Tuesday’s conflicting reports about Natasha Richardson. [The Daily Intel]

Breaking: City Room Blog News Decodes “uguisu no fun” as a Critical Ingredient in the Geisha Facial®

If you didn’t speak Japanese, you might not know that the “uguisu no fun” ingredient in the “Geisha Facial” you just had is bird excrement. [NewYorkology]

Note to car owner: shut off your alarm. [Brooklyn Heights Blog]

March 18, 2009

By Emily S. Rueb


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