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Nightingale Droppings Powder in Shizuka New York Day Spa's Geisha Facial®Women have been known to go to great lengths for beauty and many are flocking to Shizuka New York Day Spa for theirGeisha Facial® with its key ingredient—bird droppings.  It’s not just any bird, but the nightingale, and the droppings are sterilized and turned into a powder.

The natural enzymes in the droppings break down dead skin cells and that’s why we are able to cleanse the skin very well, says the creator of the Geisha Facial®, Shizuka Bernstein. The skin is cleansed so well that celebrity couple Victoria and David Beckham are said to be fans.

The actual powdered form of the nightingale droppings does smell a little bit funky, but hey…if it’s good enough for Posh and Becks…

Shizuka Bernstein performs her Geisha Facial® on the reporter

The facial began with a little cleaning and then Shizuka mixed the droppings with Japanese rice bran and water to neutralize the smell, which helped me to forget what she was massaging into my skin.  When it was all said and done, it was much cleaner and brighter.

Fish Pedicure is not available in NYCAnd how about getting a fish pedicure in an aquarium?
The Doctor Fish Pedicure uses live fish to nibble away
your callouses, but this treatment has already been banned
in many states, including New York and NYC.

Reported by Pei-Sze Cheng
WNBC 11PM News
April 27, 2009


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