Jill Nicollini, WPIX Morning News: The Geisha Facial® Is An Ancient Treatment

Spa Week NYC – Geisha Facial®

 Jill Nicollini, WPIX Morning News: The Geisha Facial® Is An Ancient Treatment

At Shizuka New York Day Spa bird poop is on the menu, but it’s not the common stuff you find off the street.  “The Geisha Facial® uses nightingale droppings,” says owner Shizuka Bernstein.  “These nightingale droppings come from Japan where they collect the bird droppings, powder and sterilize them under UV light.”

“The nightingale droppings have natural enzymes to exfoliate the skin very well, and another ingredient called guanine gives the skin a pearly luster.”

Lindsey Gockenbach of Spa Week NYC Media - The Geisha Facial® Is An Ancient TreatmentShizuka is offering up the Geisha Facial® for a deal during Spa Week NYC, and this is the perfect time to pamper yourself.

“In New York City we have 160 spas participating, offering 2-3 treatments for $50 each,” says Lindsey Gockenbach of Spa Week Media.

The promotion is not limited to NYC, and it includes a variety of services such as facials, massages, and laser hair removal in spas around the country.

Reporter Jill Nicollini tries the Geisha "Bird Poop" Facial®

The Geisha Facial® is not a new concept, but an ancient beauty secret used by Japanese performers for years.  The geishas and kabuki actors needed to remove their thick white makeup that contained lead and they found that the nightingale droppings were able to remove this thick makeup.

And today, celebrities such as Victoria Beckham are using the treatment to bring out their inner glow.

Reported by Jill Nicollini
WPIX Morning News
April 16, 2009



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