Seasonal Skincare: Summer

Change your skincare routine like you change your wardrobe…seasonally.  This is especially important for those living in places such as New York City with very distinct seasons.  That face wash that worked great all winter long may not be the best for you as the weather gets warmer and more humid.

To avoid that dreaded t-zone shine, look for these qualities in your summer facial cleanser or mask:

  1. Absorbs oil with ingredients such as clay or mud.
  2. Clarifies the skin with ingredients such as lavender, citrus and, for those with oily skin types, a low concentration of salicylic acid to cleanse the pores.

Here are a couple of good face wash recommendations:

Shizuka New York Clay Cleanser


Moroccan Lava Clay , peppermint and green tea absorb excess oil and clarify the complexion.

Naturopathica Aloe Cleansing Gel


Lavender, ylang ylang and citrus extracts tone the skin while aloe and rose soothe inflammation.

After cleansing, don’t forget to close your pores with a good toner.  Try Shizuka NY Skin Freshener ($62) or Naturopathica’s Lavender Honey Mist ($28).  Use a small cotton pad to lightly brush toner over your t-zone on clean and dry skin.  Follow with a moisturizer and sun protection.

The most important tip for summer skincare is to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays by using sunscreen or sunblock daily.  Use a product with an SPF of at least 30.  Protecting your skin from the sun is vital to maintaining a youthful complexion free of hyperpigmentation, age spots and wrinkles.

The New York Times recently published an article that demystifies SPF.  Is SPF 100 over 3 times better for you than SPF 30?  You will be surprised to find out that there is very little difference between the two!