Will Ferrell’s Charity Sunscreen Line wants to give you a “Sexy Hot Tan”

Will Ferrell SunscreensCelebrity funny-man Will Ferrell of Anchorman and Saturday Night Live fame uses his best “assets” to support cancer survivors with his new line of sunscreens.

With provocative names such as “Sexy Hot Tan,” “Forbidden Fruit” and “Sun Stroke,” 100% of the proceeds of Ferrell’s signature sunscreens benefit Cancer For College, an organization that provides college scholarships to cancer survivors.  According to CFC’s website, over 10,000 bottles have already been sold.

In true Ferrell form, the descriptions of the SPF 30 sunscreens are equally as hilarious as the very exposing pictures of him on each bottle:

  • Sexy Hot Tan
    Are you Sexy?  Are You Hot? Then who wouldn’t want a sexy, hot tan? This sunscreen is made with our very own streaking strength formula plus one.
  • Sun Stroke
    What golfer wouldn’t want to sport a rich dark tan and add 57 yards to their tee shots?  This sunscreen provides improved accuracy, added distance and the ultimate bronzing power…we think.
  • Forbidden Fruit
    Honestly, the less we say about this one the better for fear of being cast into a pit of fire.

More information about Will Ferrell Sunscreens and Cancer For College at CancerForCollege.org.