Our Favorite Celebs with Flawless Skin – #4 Jennifer Aniston

Beneath all that makeup celebrity skin is sometimes a disaster and other times a revelation.  Here are our top picks for flawless celebrity skin in a special 5-part post:

#4: Jennifer Aniston


It’s hard to believe that the first Friends episode premiered nearly 15 years ago because it looks like Jen has not aged a day since her times at Central Perk (we all certainly want to know what her beauty secrets are!).  Always sporting a natural or neutral look, Jen’s skin is flawless whether on the red carpet or on the street (above) as she was seen this past week in New York City.

Apparently Jen’s next movie Pumas is about 30-something women who go after younger men. With her youthful complexion Jen should have no problem pulling that one off!