Pore Strip Information

Do Pore Stips Really Work?

Do Pore Strips Really Work?

Pore strips have become increasingly popular in the United States over the past decade, and have been popular in Japan even longer.  The thought of pulling out all your blackheads in a single swipe with a pore strip is definitely appealing, and it can be rather interesting or disgusting, depending on your point of view, to see those blackheads lined up after you use a pore strip.

Pore strips can sometimes be useful as part of an at-home skincare regimen.  However, when overused and misused, they also have the potential to do more harm than good.  Many brands of pore strips are currently available in supermarkets, drug stores, and wherever skin care products are sold.  In general, pore strips use an adhesive to grab onto blackheads.  When the pore strip is removed, it pulls the blackheads out of the pores, similar to the way waxing pulls out unwanted hair.

Potential Problems with Pore Strips

Because of the adhesive nature of pore strips, they tend to leave the skin very sensitive.  If overused, this can lead to irritation.  Those with sensitive skin and acne should not use pore strips because they may aggravate the skin conditions already present.

When a pore strip pulls out blackheads it leaves the pores wide open and easy to fill with more dirt, oil and bacteria.  If nothing is done to sterilize and close the pores this can lead to irritation, acne breakouts, and gaping pores.

How to Use Pore Strips

If you choose to use pore strips, please use them sparingly—once every two weeks at most.  Make sure that you cleanse your skin beforehand with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type.  After you apply and remove the pore strip, be sure to follow with a good toner (try Shizuka NY’s Skin Freshener) that will act as an astringent and also help to close your pores.  Don’t forget to finish with a light oil-free moisturizer (dry, dead skin cells will create new blackheads).

Keep in mind that a facial treatment is always the best solution.  A professional aesthetician is best equipped to remove blackheads in a safe and sanitary way with the least chance for irritation or infection.

Recommended Skin Care Products for Blackheads and Pores

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