Fall Skin Care Guide

Autumn in Central Park, NYC

The weather is changing…is your skin care routine?  It is important to slightly modify your beauty regimen each season as you change your wardrobe.

Moving into the Fall season, the weather begins to get cooler and less humid in many places, including NYC.  Here are a few tips to adapt your routine to maximize your skin care results:

Tip #1: Putting on an extra layer of clothes? Remember to put on some moisturizer as well.

As your surroundings get colder, you will naturally want to wear more layers of clothing. Don’t forget that your skin also needs extra protection from becoming dried out.   If your skin is feeling itchy and dry, try a slightly richer moisturizer during the day.  Here are a few of our recommendations for fall moisturizers by skin type.


Tip #2: Make sure that your cleanser is still working for you.

Keep in mind that if you have been using stronger cleansers with Salicylic acid and AHA’s for congested summer skin, this may not continue to benefit you through fall and winter months.  After cleansing, your skin should feel clean, but not overly tight and dry.  If this is happening, you may want to transition to a gentler cleanser during colder weather:


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