Loving Breath, Hello Kitty?


Check out this space-age-looking Japanese creation that tells you if your breath is date-ready. The Digital Bad Breath Checker is $50 at Japan Trend Shop. They say it’s for women, but maybe we all could benefit from such a handy gadget. BTW, the English product name does not do the original Japanese justice, loosely translating to Loving Breath. [TheFrisky.com]

Here’s a bit more of Japanese culture in a crazy kitty. From Chopsticks Feeding Squirrel-Like Kitten on Youtube:

“To avoid being bitten and pounced on during kitty training, we have been using chopsticks and toothpicks to feed the kittens their treat. As seen in this video, this technique has worked particularly well with training “Gluteus,” where the kittens will sit up straight, balancing on their buttocks muscles (the largest of which is the gluteus maximus).”

Crazy? Cute? Crazy cute?