Bird Poop Facial was featured in Good Morning America!

Shizuka New York Day Spa was featured in Good Morning America on Monday, Aug 29th. 2011.

Our famous Bird Poop Facial was introduced as one of all natural and unusual facial!

Owner Shizuka Bernstein says her geisha facial® – which includes the use of purified bird droppings — is in high demand.

“The ingredients in the droppings have a natural enzyme and it exfoliates, it breaks down the top layer of the skin, so it’s a good exfoliation,” Bernstein said.

But Day wasn’t so sure.

“Anything that is a leftover or a by-product especially in feces of another animal I would be very hesitant to use on my skin,” she said.

For centuries, geishas used the droppings to remove makeup and revitalize their skin. Bernstein incorporated the idea to make it a substitute for clients who didn’t want to use harsh chemicals on their face.

Mixed with rice bran and applied to the face, the bird droppings emit an “organic” aroma, but first-time client Jennifer Teman didn’t seem to mind, and she’s looking forward to her next visit.

“It smelled a little funny, but I was expecting that… I would recommend other people to do it because it’s definitely a different kind of a facial to get,” Teman said.

The geisha facial takes about 60 minutes and costs $180.