Preventing Acne, is there an App for that?

What’s one thing we carry around all day, use it indoors and out and it touches our hands and faces?  Our phones! A recent post on’s Daily Beauty Reporter mentions that disinfecting our cell phones can easily be a preventative measure for reducing acne. The article quotes New York City dermatologist Patricia Wexler: “Phones are a breeding ground for bacteria we touch them repeatedly with dirty hands and often hold them to our faces for long periods of time,” she says. “That could certainly cause breakouts.”

Makes sense to us!  Simply, give a quick wipe of hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to the outsides of your phone a few times a week to keep any acne-causing bacteria at bay.

Check out a few more day-to-day acne prevention tips from the Mayo Clinic:

  • Avoid heavy foundation makeup. Choose powder cosmetics over cream products because they’re less irritating.
  • Remove makeup before going to bed. Going to sleep with cosmetics on your skin can clog tiny openings of the hair follicles (pores).
  • Clean make-up brushes regularly. Be sure to throw out old makeup and clean your cosmetic brushes and applicators regularly with soapy water. *Shizuka stresses the importance of this because brushes can transfer bacteria back and forth from powder to skin.
  • Shower after exercising or doing strenuous work. Oil and sweat on your skin can trap dirt and bacteria.

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What’s helped you prevent acne? We’d love to hear from you!