Sensitive Skin Moisturizers

Recently, clients have been asking us: “Which moisturizer should I use for my sensitive skin?

Caring for sensitive skin can be tricky especially if you’re prone to inflammation, dryness, irritation, or itchiness. Everyone’s skin condition is different so we came up with a list of our best selling Shizuka NY brand moisturizers that will sooth and hydrate even the pickiest of sensitive skin:

Anti-Redness GelAnti-Redness Gel is preservative and fragrance free and helps to minimize the appearance of redness and small capillaries. Anti-Redness Gel also contains Green Tea and Vitamins C and E to nourish the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid GelHyaluronic Acid Gel enhances skin moisture while stimulating collagen formation, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Hyalauronic Acid MaskOur Hyaluronic Acid Mask is a water-based gel mask that soothes dry, sensitive skin without clogging pores. Hyalauronic Acid is naturally present in the skin, contributing to its elasticity.

New Barrier Repair Concentrated CreamUse New Barrier Repair Concentrated Cream for dry, irritated or itchy skin. It includes hyaluronic acid to provide deep moisture, Evodia rutaecarpa fruit extract for its anti-inflammatory properties, and the antioxidant Green Tea.

Shizuka new york MoisturizerShizuka New York Skincare’s Moisturizer is a water-based moisturizer that absorbs immediately into the skin to deeply hydrates and refreshes. This silky smooth formula of Japanese botanicals & Mt. Fuji water is suitable for all skin types.

Vitamin C Power GelVitamin C Power Gel is a silicone based Vitamin C-infused gel which together with Green Tea extract reduces dryness and skin irritation.

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