Fat Burning Power of Green Tea

The secret of green tea’s health benefits lies in the fact that it’s rich in catechin polyphenols, a powerful anti-oxidant that’s known to (and these are just a few):

1) Inhibit cancer cell growth

2) lower total cholesterol level

3) Slow down the aging process

4) have bacteria-destroying properties that can help prevent food poisoning, dental plaque and promotes odor elimination.

5) be rich in Vitamin C

Green tea also contains caffeine, which gives you a boost and helps burn fat. However, excessive caffeine consumption can cause insomnia or headaches. At Shizuka NY, we serve either green tea or houji tea (roasted green tea) per our clients’ request. Houji tea contains significantly less caffeine, so we recommend choosing this tea for a reduced caffeine option.

Also, we’ve been asked what gives our green tea its rich green color? Well, our tea is a special mixture of finely chopped green tea leaves and matcha. Matcha is powdered tea often used for tea ceremony in Japan (it looks like finely ground coffee beans). Matcha immediately gives the tea an extraordinary bright green color.

On your next visit, please enjoy our tasty teas with rice crackers at Shizuka!