How Prioritizing Self Care Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Why Prioritizing Self Care Matters

So you’ve made a fabulous list of resolutions this year- GREAT! but some may be asking, “How do I actually make it happen?” The USC School of Social Work explains that most don’t follow through with their plans after three months (see infographic below), especially if self care isn’t a priority.

Mari Miyoshi, an occupational therapist and director of the Brain Gym Learning Center NYC, shares how prioritizing self-care can propel you to accomplish more things faster:


Ensure you participate in activities weekly that bring you ease, and help you relax. By making this a priority, your brain’s electro-chemical activity enhances, allowing you to release stress, rest better and have more energy left over to take on new challenges.

Prioritizing self-care means ensuring you are taking necessary steps to limit the amount of stress (whether it’s emotional, mental, physical, etc.) you feel on a daily basis. As you take conscious steps towards fulfilling your resolutions, the fear of change will quickly turn into the exhilaration you feel after you’ve tried something new.

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Learn more by visiting the original infographic on the MSW@USC blog