Stop Water from Running Down Your Arms!

Ever get annoyed when water runs down your arms when washing your face, doing the dishes or cleaning the shower? Well never fear, we’ve got the perfect product here at SHIZUKA NY!

ON THE CUFF® – the “one size fits all” design is easy to use and comfortable to wear.
  • The unique stretch material of the cuffs allows you to slip onto your wrists without tearing.
  • Requires snug fit, push cuffs up your arm to tighten if needed.
  • If cuffs get heavily soiled rinse with warm soapy water, squeeze out excess water and allow to dry.

ON THE CUFF®’s sponge bracelets catches and stores the water as it begins to run down your arm, leaving your arms (and counter top) dry, dry, dry!

We sell ON THE CUFF® 4 Pair pack  for just $24.99 at our spa.

It comes with a FREE custom made “T” stand to keep your cuffs clean and dry. The 4 pair pack is ideal for keeping cuffs at the bathroom sink, kitchen sink and even an extra pair for when you travel!

To use: Simply place cuffs around each wrist, then wash your face, dishes, etc. as usual.

After use: Place cuffs on “T” stand to keep clean and dry.

On The Cuff 4-pack at SHIZUKA NY