Retinol for Timeless Skin

A recent article in Vogue Daily, “The Return to Retinol” by Cristina Mueller, highlights the time-honored and celebrated anti-aging qualities of retinol. Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, is a compound discovered 81 years ago. Because of its ability to “penetrate all the layers of the skin, prompting extra-speedy cell turnover and exfoliation in the process”, retinol has been used to treat skin conditions from acne to reduction in fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

“Retinoids trigger change in the skin to make it look clearer and more youthful; they actually help skin get back to a healthier place. And there’s strong, strong clinical data behind that,” says Jennifer Linder, M.D., dermatologist and chief scientific officer for a clinical skin care line.

We agree that retinol can do wonders for the skin! Our Shizuka NY Anti-Aging Night Repair 1 product contains retinol which actively evens skin tone and texture, while it also gently reduces fine lines and wrinkles (all while you sleep)! We suggest using this product in conjunction with Anti-Aging Night Repair 2 and Weekly Brightening Pads for maximum results.