LED vs. UV Gel Nails

Before coming in for their first LED Gel Nail Treatments, some clients want to know: What’s the difference between LED and UV Gel Nails?

Basically, the difference lies in the gels’ ingredients and the light needed to cure, or dry, it. Our gel requires LED light to form an even protective layer over your nails. “LED” stands for “light emitting diode,” which refers to the type of bulb an LED gel lamp uses.

Our gels are made from a formula designed to respond specifically to LED light wavelengths, which dries the gel in 30 seconds. Most UV gels take about two minutes to dry under UV Light.

The end result — base coat, two coats of color plus one top coat — looks no thicker than nail polish and stays on your nails for at least 10 days. We guarantee it!







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